Half done my To Do List!

Ok, so out of the 9 things I had on my To Do List before London I’ve done 5. Well, 6 if you count checking the weather in London, but I’ll be doing that again before I leave. All my pictures are up on my Facebook page from Amsterdam (well, the one’s I decided to share ;)), now I just have to finish writing the posts and I’m set for the weekend. Obviously packing is in there as well.

Bastien doesn’t sound to good. His got that gravelly sounding voice because of his sore throat. Adeline’s at the Doctor’s with him now. Tonight Charles-Antoine and Anne-Cat are hosting a siblings dinner and the kids will be at Grandma’s. Adeline will drop the boys off before she goes. So it will just be Grandma and the girls. No sense in Bastien getting the others sick and if he’s not there then Sylvain might as well be home too.

I have to think about what I’m packing because I’m only taking my big back pack and a purse. I don’t have anything in between that and my medium-sized suitcase so it’s my best option. Plus, I really don’t need anything more than that, I always over pack anyway. Tomorrow and Friday the heat will be shut off because they’re fixing it. They were supposed to do it a month ago, but I don’t know what happened. This sucks only because I won’t be able to take a shower Friday before I go…no hot water. I mean, it will be cold at night and we’ve been getting frost in the mornings so it will be worse than if they had done it in October, but I can tough it out. I’m Canadian! :P.


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  1. I couldn’t think of traveling even overnight without a regulation suitcase! I guess that means I’m old. 😉

    • Once when we went over night to Adeline’s Mom’s place I had the same back pack, but it was so full Adeline was confused. The stuff I still have to pack into it aren’t going to take up that much space. I might not even have to use the back section at all. I used one of those travel vacuum seal bags, it just helps compress the clothes. I always think of something I might need and then I never use it!


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