Little Monster

Today’s title is again in reference to Sylvain. This morning before we left he was walking around grunting and growling and Adeline called him a little monster. It was adorable. He’s getting much more confident on his feet.

I tried to take a little nap today, you know to rest so that I don’t get sick and not rest because I’m already sick. Bastien’s got a sore throat and I guess his best friend at school is home with something serious, but we don’t know the English translation so I don’t know what it is. I’ve felt the sort of sore throat the last couple of days, but I am drinking tea and eating lots of clementines to try to prevent anything before it starts. Especially because of this weekend!

I started a To Do List of the things I need to do this week before I go. I’ve got to get my act together. If I can manage to get everything, or most of the stuff done the posts this weekend may be long, but they should be interesting. They would fall under the ‘Touristy Goings On’ category.

Bastien got a new hat and gloves; both Flash McQueen (a.k.a. Lightning McQueen). Not gonna lie…I like Flash better than Lightning. At least now I do. I didn’t when I first got here, but Bastien’s always Flash McQueen this and Flash McQueen that. It’s easier for little kids to say anyway. It’s a little harder to spot Bastien now in the crowd of kids after school because his hat is black and red instead of bright green.


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  1. As I read the detail with which you are documenting these boys’ days, I hope that their parents will print your posts out. They will be golden when their boys are older–a time capsule of a year in their life filled with such intimate and fine detail. You may not realize the gift you are giving them, but you are.

    • I know they’ve read my blog a lot. I don’t know if they still are. They used to joke that the only way they knew what was going on with me was to read my blog because I never told them! That was because it was (and still is sometimes) too hard to say in French, lol. I’m thinking of doing that blog to book thing and printing it out so at least someone will have it.


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