Zombie baby

At lunch today Sylvain was still a little sleepy. He had just woken up from a nap. He’s starting to make these growling, animal-like noises. I think he’s trying to copy Bastien because Bastien makes those kinds of noises all the time. They’re hilarious coming from Sylvain. At one point he was growling and had his arms up and out in front of him and he reminded me of a zombie. The cutest zombie you ever did see!

He’s getting so much better at walking! He’s starting to do it on his own now. I mean he’s starting to just decide himself he wants to walk instead of us getting him to walk between two of us. A few times today he use the door frame to get up and then walked from the play room to the office. I’m so proud of him. Right now it’s easier than crawling…there’s something wrong with his one wrist I think because when he crawls he doesn’t put any weight on it, but on his elbow. So he ends up looking really odd when he crawls, odd and off-balance. The strange this is he doesn’t cry when we take hold of his right hand. It’s obvious he’d rather us hold onto his left hand because he’ll switch if we grab his right, and he doesn’t put any pressure on it while crawling, but when we do take it, or we try to examine it he lets us and doesn’t cry. So I don’t know what’s wrong.

He’s becoming even more vocal now as well. At times he really sounds like he’s trying to hold a conversation. He also really likes the one bean-bag chair. He’ll walk over to it and fall onto it. Sometimes with a little jump. Of course he wants to do it because he sees big brother doing it. He’ll also jump on you if you’re lying on the floor. Laughing the entire time. He’s also starting to get the hang of kisses. He hasn’t got the smooching part yet, but he’ll lean in and put his mouth to your cheek. It’s all very wet, but you put up with it because it’s so darn cute. Bastien is usually pretty good with him. He has his moments when he uses a little more force than necessary, but for the most part he’s good. Except when he’s playing with the toys Sylvain got for his birthday and Sylvain will go to start playing with them. Then we tell Bastien they’re Sylvain’s toys and he counters back with ‘you have to share’. But if it’s someone else wanting one of Bastien’s toys if he doesn’t want to let you he doesn’t have to share. Or if Sylvain will do something with one of his toys and Bastien doesn’t like it, we have to remind Bastien that the toys are Sylvain’s!

I’m going to miss these boys….


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  1. And those boys are going to miss you–regardless of what they say!

  2. Yup. I can tell you are going to miss those little guys, Holly. So good you wrote of them so often and shared so much with us, Great way to keep your memories close 🙂


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