Saint Nicolas

Yesterday we went to stand in line in a toy store to get a picture of the kids with Saint Nicolas and Father…I don’t know how to spell it. Saint Nicolas (not Santa Claus) brings gifts and goodies to good children and the other guy deals with the bad kids. Over the course of history things have become such that Saint Nicolas is white and Father doesn’t-like-bad-kids is black…hmmm.

I did in fact get a picture of me with them, but it’s really awkward. My hair is a complete mess, in a really odd messy bun a little too high on my head. I don’t like it. The whole point was so I could put it on here, but now I don’t want to. I might fiddle with it at a later date and add it in, we’ll see. Each kid that went got a box with a juice box, cookies, a pencil, and other cool stuff in it. Awesome huh?!

So I’m kind of all blogged out after yesterday’s post. Which is why today is so blah. But that’s what we did yesterday with the boys and Clémence.


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  1. I love hearing out the different Santa myths from different cultures. 🙂

    • I know, it’s really cool. Of course, over here most of the population are or were raised Catholic so there’s a Saint for everything and they all know them. I only know of the most obvious ones and that’s it!

  2. I need to catch up on your posts 🙂 I didn’t know that about the other “Claus.”

    • They’ll be here for whenever you’re ready ;). I had no idea either. I was confused until they explained it to me.


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