Baby’s First Birthday Party.

This afternoon Greg’s parents and brother, Adeline’s Dad, and Nico (Sylvain’s godfather), Claire, and baby Victor came for the 4 o’clock meal. We had the 2nd raspberry cake from last night (that Aurore made) and a chocolate cake from the bakery. Sylvain got to open his presents and seemed to have a good time discovering his new toys. It’s crazy because when you look at Sylvain with his two little cousins – one two weeks younger, the other just over two months younger – Sylvain is taller by at least a head than the other two. Then there’s Victor – who was born the same day as Capucine, just over two months after Sylvain – who is actually bigger than Sylvain! Both of his parents are really tall, but still. The boys were so cute playing together. At one point Sylvain was standing there holding Adeline’s hand and then he bent over to look in Victor’s face and babbled some sounds as if he was saying something to the other boy. We all laughed it was so adorable.

Bastien looked like he had a really good time with Jean-Phillipe (his godfather), they wore each other out. Bastien can be so very energetic! Sylvain even had some cake today! At first Adeline gave him a small piece and he proceeded to crumble it into tiny pieces and get it all over his shirt sleeves. Then she fed him some with a spoon and it worked much better.

I played with Sylvain earlier today when Adeline and Bastien did some grocery shopping. He was laughing and happy – as long as I didn’t get up. If I looked like I was leaving he would cry. I think his teeth are still bothering him because he’s not always like this. He has this great way of scrunching up his eyes and opening his mouth wide when he laughs. It’s great because then you can actually see his new teeth. And it’s a totally adorable look to boot. It’s fun when we’re all sitting at the table and Bastien will start laughing. This gets Sylvain going and the two of them together are hilarious.


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  1. This one was so sweet…;)

  2. You are going to make such a great mom! 😉 You speak with such love about children and act with such patience. I admire that, Holly.

    • Thank you so much! Of course…I only write (mostly) about the good stuff. I don’t always have lots of patience, but I’m learning and trying.


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