This little piggy…

This afternoon I finally got around to painting Sylvain’s piggy bank. I think it turned out really well considering my non-talent when it has to do with anything that requires hand to paper/etc. coordination. I took a bunch of pictures of the 2 piggy’s and will post them in the future.

Sylvain walked quite a bit today. Well, he walked a lot while holding a hand of someone, but he did quite a bit on his own as well. It will be cool if he’s walking before I leave.

Tonight Adeline had a bunch of friends over. Friends she’s had since she was 16. Dinner was a loud, boisterous affair and sounded like a lot of fun. I did manage to catch snippets of conversations, but you know how it is when many people are talking at once and all telling different stories – even in your mother tongue it’s hard to make all that out! Also, before he went to bed Bastien was SO hyped up. He was bouncing off the walls as they say. He didn’t have a nap this afternoon either. When I went to put Sylvain up to bed – maybe half an hour later, no more I don’t think – I had to go into his room to get Sylvain’s soother and I’m pretty sure he was completely out. I was afraid Sylvain’s crying would wake him, but he was gone for the night.


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  1. I don’t think those little boys are the only ones who are going to miss you… 😉


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