I can’t believe it!

I can’t believe it’s already November! This year has gone by so fast.

This morning I drove Bastien to Little Gym. The girl who was supposed to open up forgot her key and was waiting outside. So we stood around waiting a bit for her Mom or one of the other employees to have a key. It wasn’t super cold out, but it was chilly. This girl was in knee length shorts and flip-flops! I thought that was a little crazy. Then I remembered it’s November and thought that was really crazy! I was a surprised to hear about the snow already in the States. My internal seasonal clock is a little messed up I guess. So I keep forgetting how far along in the year we actually are.

Sylvain had another tough night. He was happy and everything when I picked him up this afternoon, but after his bath and pj’s he just cried and cried. It’s easy to forget what it’s like when the teeth come in.

And now for something to hopefully tickle your funny bone. I’m ready for a good laugh. I laugh whenever I watch this. It’s the first ‘The Hillywood Show’ video I watched. Their new videos are way more intense with costumes, make-up, etc. They’ve become wildly popular and they’re good at what they do. I’m still laughing. This video makes Twilight look even more, hmmm, pathetic is a really strong word considering I was into it for a while *hangs head in shame*. I guess it’s not that different from some other books I’ve read. Actually, it’s the movies that make it ridiculous. Just saying. If you’re a fan don’t hate, I will still watch the last two movies, and I do own the books, but I’ve just outgrown it :P.



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  1. I love November and all the cooler, darker months. It’s my time of year! 🙂

  2. Yep, it’s Movember all right!


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