Poor baby :(

Poor Sylvain. He’s getting another tooth. He’s only had the one for a while now. He’s got one coming in from up top and he was crying and crying. I don’t hear anything now so it seems he was able to get to sleep with the help of some medication on his gums.

Since today was a holiday Adeline, Greg, Bastien, and Sylvain went to the zoo. It’s like a safari where you travel around in your car. Like the African Lion Safari near Cambridge! I decided not to go. It was another beautiful Fall day. I went for a walk for the first time in over a month. It felt good.

I’m totally falling asleep at my computer here. I was up late last night watching TV and you’d think that I would have spent some time napping today, but I didn’t. So it’s only 9:30pm and already I’m exhausted :P.


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  1. As I recall, the sound of a crying child is enough to wear upon your nerves and exhaust you–it did me! Hope you slept well.

    • Yeah, but he was asleep before I went to bed and even if he wasn’t I wouldn’t hear him from my room, especially with the door closed. 😉


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