Fall in full swing

Oh man. I know I do this all the time, but I’m wimping out tonight. I went to bed pretty late last night and while it wasn’t a super early morning, I did have to get up to be ready by 10. Plus we shifted the clocks back an hour. I didn’t even realize it until I looked at the kitchen clock and it said it was just after 11 when my iPod said just after 10. Thank goodness my iPod changes on its own (at least if there’s WiFi).

I wore my contacts all day and my eyes aren’t happy with me. Even with my glasses on now they’re still burning and sore. Bah. I took quite a few pictures today of stuff I’ve already taken pictures of, but this time they were pictures of things swathed in brilliant fall yellows, reds, and oranges. Amazing colours. I was in such a good mood. And for the most part we had absolutely beautiful weather today. Around 17/18° and sunny. Later in the afternoon is became overcast, but even tonight I didn’t wear my jacket (although I had it with me).

I absolutely adore Fall when the leaves change and start to fall. When the breeze blows the fallen leaves all over the place and they cover everything foreshadowing the coming winter and snowfall. And when the days are sunny and warm it makes it all seems like a warm, golden paradise!


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  1. You did well on this post for being tired and bleary-eyed! 😉 I love fall, too. My favorite season!


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