Is it dead or what?

I went to bed at a reasonable time last night and so I actually woke up on my own, half an hour before my alarm. Earlier enough to have breakfast with Adeline and Bastien (Greg was just leaving to take Sylvain to Little Gym). After we finished eating Bastien was using a stick he had from a balloon and was pushing a dried up pea across the table. The following is an attempted recreation of the conversation that came with his actions. It might not be exactly accurate (with my memory and all), but it’s close enough.

Bastien: What is that? A little pea?

Adeline: Yes.

Bastien: I don’t like little peas. *he rolls it around with the stick* Is it dead or what? *said in a somewhat severe manner*

*Insert raucous laughter here.*

Adeline went on to explain that, well, yes I guess the pea is dead, it is no longer connected to the plant. It’s so hard to describe Bastien’s tone of voice when he says things like this. Severe isn’t really the right word…but I can’t think of a better one at the moment. Let’s just say that as soon as this little episode was over Adeline and I both thought ‘blog!’.

Other than that it was just your regular Saturday. Adeline went to a friend’s birthday party tonight. Greg was supposed to go, but he’s not feeling very well (cough and all that) so he stayed behind. Tomorrow we have a big day ahead of us. Lunch and a hunt at Grandglise, and a birthday celebration in Louvain-la-Neuve.


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  1. Funny what a little pea can evoke in the imagination of a child… 😉

  2. Your plans sound truly exotic.
    On a sidenote, I am not a fan of peas, and Bastien’s conversation made me smile. 😉

    • At first I was confused when you said exotic, lol. I wasn’t actually doing any hunting, it just happened to be going on while we were there. I’m glad Bastien made you smile :D.

      • Well, I meant “exotic” in an adventurous sort of way, haha. The words “Granglise” & “Louvain-la-Neuve” sound like beautiful words.

        • Haha, okay. Grandglise is the name of the town (‘large church’ essentially), but I’m pretty sure that whenever they refer to Grandglise they’re referring to the house. Louvain-la-Neuve is a new city. It’s only about 40 years old or so? Maybe a older, but it’s only in the last 10 or so years that the permanent population has outgrown the student population. It started as a university town – it branched of from the UCL (in English CUL – Catholic University of Louvain/Leuven [Leuven is it’s Flemish name, and the original city is in the Flemish region of Belgium]). I’m not sure of the reasons, but it might have had something to do with the tension between the Flemish and the French. I can’t remember. Basically, Louvain-la-Neueve is New Louvain.

          There are a bunch of cities in both Flanders and Wallonia that have both Flemish and French versions of their names. I thought this was just for major cities, but that’s not the case because there are some smaller cities that have this as well. For example in Wallonia (French) there is Namur, Liege, and Mons which become in Flemish Namen, Luik, and Bergen. As you can see, some are close and others aren’t. On the flip side in Flanders (Flemish) you have Gent, Antwerpen, and Sind Truiden (all Flemish spellings, not English) which become in French Gand, Anvers, and Saint Trond. It’s interesting, but can be confusing if you don’t know the flip side of the city you’re looking for. Especially driving around Brussels. By then all the signs are with the Flemish spellings. Like when I had to navigate my Dad out of the airport Greg told me to follow the signs going to Liege. Except that I didn’t see Liege anywhere. I saw Luik and couldn’t exactly remember, but had a hunch that it was Liege in Flemish so we went that way. Turns out I was right and I got us where we needed to be, but it was a little stressful with no map or GPS, lol.

          Wow, long boring comment, lol. LLN is really nice sounding when you say it ;).


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