Kids grow up so fast…

I keep forgetting to mention something of crucial importance. Sylvain is now able to walk more than one step on his own! I think he managed 5 or 6 one time when I was there. Go Sylvain! Oh my goodness. I can’t believe he’s going to be 1-year-old soon! It’s crazy. He still only has the one tooth. But he’s ‘talking’ a lot now and laughing a lot. Oh boy am I going to miss those boys.

Bastien dressed up like a pirate today for school. Next week they have the week off, it’s the Fall Holiday. Bastien excitedly told us about how they made popcorn and had cake. Because they had a party he didn’t take a nap today. He fell asleep in the car on the way to get Sylvain. I thought he woke up a little when we got there, but he didn’t really. Half way home he woke up for real and said hey, Sylvain’s here! It was funny. For me anyway.

Bah, suddenly my head sort of fees like it’s floating. Odd. Meh. I think that’s about all I have to write about today. Oh wait, yesterday Sylvain saw himself in the mirror as he was walking towards it and he had this surprised/excited look on his face and his mouth was hanging open in a big ‘O’. He’s done that a few times lately that I’ve seen. He’ll hold up a toy with this awed expression. One thing I won’t miss; the hair pulling. I totally get why a lot of women cut their hair really short when they have kids. Not only can it be easier to deal with, but it’s harder for baby hands to get a hold of when it’s short!


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  1. I remember the hair pulling, now that you mention it. And they always seem to do it with sticky fingers! 😉

    • I know! Or they want to climb all over you and put their heads on your shoulders when they have runny noses. ^_^

  2. I when my niece was about 4 I used to hold up her legs and say stop growing up so fast. She would answer I’ll try. When she was 8 I said the same thing and she said “I can’t help it.” Kids are sooo cute. I love reading your posts and I can tell how much you love those kids. You will certainly miss them.

    • That’s so cute! They have the wildest imaginations. It’s amazing.

      • I remember when my niece was about 1-2. We were watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer–she liked the same shows I liked even at a young age. She was sitting on my lap and she had a bottle in her hand. Well … she turned around to face me. She looked at her bottle; looked at me then she hit me on the head with it (I think she was curious–I don’t know).

        Anyway, I yelled “ouch” cause it hurt then she got scared and turned around. Then I told her that she had to look at the boo boo on my head and boy she mustered up some tears of guilt. Then when I said “shame on you” she cried even more. Ah, good times.

        • That’s so funny! Well, now it is, but that had to hurt at the time. Bastien just laughs when you say he hurt you (some of the time). Then you’ll do it back and asks if he likes it and he’ll be cheeky and say yes. *sigh* Kids….but yes, good times.


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