What colour are what? Peas? Fish? I’m so confused….

I’ve decided to lighten things up today. First off I want to mention something I’m really going to miss when I leave. Yesterday when Bastien saw me as he exited the school, he ran all the way to the gate, he was so excited. Today, he didn’t quite run, but he did smile when he saw me and I blew him a kiss. He ‘caught’ it on his cheek. I mentioned Canada again today and he said that when I’m done in Canada I’m coming back to Belgium (his house) so that’s okay. Oh boy. Sorry Bastien, I’m staying in Canada.

I have a joke for you. I’m going to do my best to write it in French first and then I’ll translate it. It doesn’t work at all in English which is why I’m doing the French and not just explaining it to you. I’m happy to say that I caught on without needing it explained to me. Here goes:

Quelle couleur sont les petits pois? 

Les petits pois sont verts. 

Non, ils sont rouge, le petit poisson rouge.

That’s the gist of it. In French, gold-fish are poisson rouge (red fish). Les petits pois – the little peas. Literally translated it sounds like this:

“What colour are the little peas?

The little peas are green.

No, they’re red, the little red (gold) fish.”

Confused yet? When you say les pois sont and le poisson unless you are careful to separate them, they sound the same. Even though one example is 2 words (the peas are) and the 2nd is 1 (the fish). Like I said, it makes no sense (or at least it’s not funny) in English, but in French it provides chuckles. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to add a bit of colour around here, it’s fun!

Also, here’s a little teaser for what’s happening tomorrow in Louvain-la-Neuve. I’ll be going in the afternoon with Bastien during some kid activities and then with Adeline Thursday for the morning outdoor concert. It’s a big 24 hour bike party!


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  1. Ah language, it’s a tricky thing! That;s why I stick with perfecting my accent, but don’t attempt the actual language. Good for you for becoming multilingual. 🙂

    • I’m trying, lol. What sucks is that the Spanish I took for 2 years in high school and a term in uni, and the German I took for 2 years in uni have all but disappeared from my head because it’s so stuffed full of French right now. Of course it’s all what you’re working on at the moment. I’m sure if I read through old notes and refreshed the vocabulary in my brain I would recall a lot more. The grammar and verb conjugation is similar enough. I’m hoping being bilingual (at least conversationally) will make me more marketable :P.


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