Bah, who needs pictures anyway?

Ugh. I really don’t want to complain about my computer again because I’m really fortunate to have one that sort of works, but I spent 4 hours trying to upload photos to Facebook today. And I still have 26 that I want to add to the album – “Lazy” Sunday in Bruges and Ypres – you can check it out on my FB page (see side bar), but I might break something if I keep trying. Something like my glasses which I keep wanting to throw around and I really need those. You see, they just get in the way. I can’t rub my face with them on and if I writhe around in a fit I risk them falling off and crashing to the floor. Have I mentioned I hate glasses? I want laser eye surgery…

I really was planning on writing about Bruges today. I thought it would be fitting because it’s been a week now since we went. But alas, after sitting here all afternoon trying to deal with photos (God forbid I try to do more than 1 thing at a time when my computer’s throwing a fit), then Skyping with my Mom to talk Thanksgiving stuff, and after now trying to add the link to the existing album I really don’t have the patience. Boo. I’m just making excuses. You see, I feel like I’ve built up the potential greatness of the post by delaying it and I’m afraid it just won’t live up to it. Then again, I think the pictures will do it justice – if I can ever get them up :P.

So I will leave you with a couple of pictures (mine this time) of more than just chocolate. Maybe balance it out with some fries and medieval architecture.

Freddy and a view of the Markt in Bruges (Brugge)


So this is how lace is made!


Who knew there were so many different kinds of potatoes? I sure didn't.


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  1. Glad your computer worked well enough to share these wonderful pictures!

    • Me too. I was going to add the rest today, but laundry was calling, lol. I’ve got so many more awesome pics!

  2. Oh, Holly I so relate to computer glitches. I’ve been on my laptop for a couple of weeks, no more like four and it’s starting to make me crazy. It’s sooooooooooo slowoooooowwwww. And did I mention it is slow. LOL Takes me ages just to read and comment but wanted to say thanks for another peek into your world. Love potatoes and lace but potatoes more than lace. I wonder if blue potatoes taste blue… LOL

    • Thanks for stopping by! Sorry about no video…but with everything that happened last week…

      I have no idea about the blue potatoes. I just know that some of them would be super hard to peel! B/c of the age of my comp. I’m running out of options to make it faster, lol.


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