This post isn’t about chocolate…but the pictures are ;).

So my computer is being sluggish. It literally took me an hour to read one blog post. I have to go through and clear some things out I think, or something. It has its moments. Tonight is one of them and combined with my lack of interest in writing a blog post tonight I’m going to keep it short. I know, I know, I’m totally dropping the ball on my two recent ‘good’ adventures, but even I get the urge to not blog sometimes.

So instead I will leave you with two pictures from chocolate shops in Bruges. Both are Lucie’s, we can thank her for these because I don’t think I got a picture of them myself. The one is mouth-watering, the other hilarious. I’ll leave it to you to decide which one is which. Some of you – I’m sure – will have different opinions ;).

Yummm ^_^


The sign said for Father or Friend. I can imagine some of you would appreciate one of these as a gift. 😉


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  1. OMG! Chocolate boobs!

  2. Lol, Great job, i start luving chcolate now…… 🙂

    • Chocolate is awesome. And according to the museum I was in it’s also healthy and doesn’t cause cavities, lol. That’s the sugar that does that. ^_^

  3. They can get pretty creative with chocolate, can’t they? 😉

    • Oh boy can they get creative. I put a bunch of pics up on my FB page from the chocolate museum (not quite finished with the album yet). Someone even carved a chocolate statue of Barack Obama. Almost life-sized. No jokes.

  4. lol on the choco-boobs … what about choco-schlongs?

    • I didn’t see any. I think they did have the bottom half of a women in a few different flavours (smaller than the boobs), but no schlongs that I could see, lol.


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