How’s your day been?

It’s oddly fitting that today’s ‘Word of the Day’ is ‘harrowing’. Because the last 24 hours have been just that – at least the distressing part of the definition. I’m way too exhausted to try to explain with any kind of coherency what happened. Just know this; it had to do with the car, I got stuck in France over night, I forgot my cell phone in Belgium, and I’ll have to go back either tomorrow or Friday to retrieve the car. I know I said in a recent post that the drive to the Monument in Vimy was going to take 3 hours (according to Google Maps). It was actually just over 2, so that was good. We were late leaving and still got there before our projected time.

This is another one of those ‘how could I be so stupid, this is all my fault’ moments. Although this time I’m not laughing and don’t think I’ll ever laugh. I’ll look back on this “adventure” as a period of growth – I just wish it didn’t involve other people’s property. I’m getting pretty good at taking the train though.

So this – my 300th post – is not very exciting despite the “exciting” events which have recently transpired. Obviously since I’m here writing this I’m fine – physically. Emotionally, well, it’s been a stressful 24 hours.


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  1. I’m sorry you had such a stressfull time, but goodness FRANCE! I loved France when I was there! It sounds like you’re doing better though. Sorry it was such an emtional ordeal.

    • Despite all the time I’ve spent there in the last few days I didn’t really *see* much. Most of the view from the train was run-down, graffiti covered, old factory buildings, and the rest just reminded me of Belgium. I was, after all, only in Northern France. So I’ve been in the North, Central (Paris), now someday I just have to visit the South and I’ll have that all covered, lol. That will be in the very far future if at all. Thanks for thinking of me. I guess this stuff sometimes just happens. I think it’s better if it something happens that’s totally out of your control b/c then you don’t feel so bad!

  2. Oh, you’ll laugh. It may take some time, but you’ll about this, too. Trust me! 😉

    • Yes, well. I know I will look back on it as a period of personal growth. I’m sure that when I’m old and grey I’ll be telling my *theoretical* grandchildren all about it and maybe have a chuckle or two. But this time I actually disrupted more than just me. And the whole car thing. But I will trust you. You are wiser than I.

  3. What an ordeal! You deserve a big glass of wine… or a big sundae! Which ever is your preference! 🙂

    • Haha, despite being in Europe I think I’ll have to forgo on the wine. I’ve never been one to ‘drink away my sorrows’. Mostly it’s because I don’t like how it burns….. I actually feel like pizza right now…

      Stay tuned for the update!


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