And if you look to your left you’ll see….hey, where’d it go?

This morning it was back to routine. Except instead of cereal for breakfast we had cake again. Lucie and I made sure we were ready to go, and after dropping Sylvain off we made our way to Waterloo. I told her she would be able to get pictures of the Butte de Lion (the big hill with the lion statue) from the road as we drove up. Normally this is true. Today was so foggy that you couldn’t see it until we were practically right underneath it. So she didn’t really get great pictures of it. Our plan was to just go and take a look-see, not to climb up or anything. This was just as well because we wouldn’t have been able to see anything once we got to the top anyway.

Then it was on to the 2nd part of our agenda; pictures with a Waterloo town sign. These were highly successful. Lucie even managed to get one on her camera of both of us. Well, all three of us, Freddy was there too of course. This was in fact his first time to Waterloo. You gotta love timers on cameras. The problem was finding a stable spot on the car and then her getting back  to the sign in time. We had fun, but I bet the drivers coming into town wondered what the heck we were doing/why we were taking pictures with the sign. Or maybe they’re used to odd tourists….

Then we headed to a grocery store where we picked up some chocolate for Lucie’s friends and family that would survive being mailed home. We also mailed her postcards from the store. We couldn’t mail the chocolate because they didn’t have any boxes. The guy who showed us where the post are was, was nice. He asked if he could help us and I tried to explain, but temporarily forgot the word for stamps, but we figured it out. I explained we were Canadian and he said ‘oh Canadians are nice people’. ^_^ Yes, yes we are. Although you really can’t be universal like that. Actually, that makes me think of a Weird Al song – Canadian Idiot – where some of the lines are: ‘break their nose and they’ll just say sorry. Tell me what kind of freaks are that polite? Gotta mean they’re all up to something. Quick, before they see it coming. Time for a preemptive strike *cue missile drop noise here*. I think that song is hilarious. I laugh every time at the stereotypes he lays out. In case you don’t know or didn’t guess from the title, it’s to the tune of Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’.

After that it was home, but not before picking up some bread for lunch. After lunch we just did our own thing. Lucie had some more bookings to make with trains and hostels and things so she did that while I started doing blog catch up. I also got a text today saying that class was cancelled because Madame Colette is sick.

Tomorrow we’re going to get up pretty early to make sure we’re all ready. Then I’ll go about my usual routine before stopping at the bakery (it was closed today, but I really want to take Lucie), dropping Sylvain off, and then heading to France! I’m already so tired – maybe it’s all the driving in the last two days? – so I’m pretty sure Wednesday I’m going to go right back to bed after seeing everybody off. I’m definitely going to be putting on my glasses to drive home tomorrow night. My eyes are still burning from wearing my contacts all day yesterday :(.

Even though I’m going to be so tired from doing about 6.5 hours (round trip with trip from Memorial to nearby town with train station) of driving, I’m so excited! We don’t actually have a lot planned and what is planned shouldn’t even take up half of our allotted time. Maybe when we’re there we’ll find something else we want to do, who knows.

A foggy day in *Waterloo* town! Had me low (not really), had me down (not at all!). 😀


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  1. Haha! Northerners are always the nicest people in North America, aren’t we? Hehe.

    • It’s true! From what I’ve head about Minnesota you guys are as nice as Canadians anyway :P. You’re certainly further North than I am….I’m pretty sure, lol. 😉

  2. Wow, I wasn’t thinking about all the other social networking stuff and everything else you’re balancing.

    Don’t worry about satisfying my curiosities. There will be plenty of time for that later!

    • No worries! I don’t have to do them at the same time. I can add the links in later by editing either the post or the album. I might end up doing that because I want to get them written while they’re still relatively fresh in my mind. Thanks for being curious :D.

  3. I love reading about your life! It’s the simple things that get me: taking pics, going to the store and having cake for breakfast. I just love it. You will read this years from now and say that was really a fun day with my friend.

    • I’ve had cake for breakfast so many times since being here! Well, more times than at home. Half the time the cakes don’t have icing so it’s just like a sugary muffin in the wrong shape ;).

  4. That is a wonderful picture! You look so happy.

    You’re not talking too much about how you feel about all these adventures–some of your last for this year abroad. Is it because you’re just trying to get the facts down, or that you don’t want to think about how you feel?

    • It’s a little of just trying to get the facts down and time. I’m so tired right now and I want to put a really good effort into my posts about Bruges/Ypres (yesterday) and the Vimy Memorial (tomorrow). Plus I want to put albums up on my FB page and I like to have the link from my post to post in the album description, and a link of the album to put in the post! That takes time, my computer is really slow. I will be writing two in-depth posts about the big adventures from my time with Lucie, don’t worry!


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