I found a pig!

I found a what? That’s right folks, I found a pig. A little, white pig. A little, white, breakable pig. It’s a piggy bank that I can paint! This summer we (my family) got one for Bastien for his birthday. It’s always good to learn how to save and we were able to paint it with his name, our names, and the Belgian and Canadian flags. Last week I went to the huge toy store in Louvain-la-Neuve where we got Bastien’s and they didn’t have any!. Oh no. So I was thinking about getting something else I could decorate. I waited because I was almost sure there was this same store in Hannut (where I take my French course). It was right, there is one. At first I didn’t find the pig. I saw the other stuff and got discouraged. But like in the first store I looked at every single craft item just to make sure it wasn’t placed somewhere else. I’m glad I did that because I managed to find what I was looking for. Now I have a month to paint it :P. I can’t believe Sylvain will be 1-year-old in a month!

I went today because I was already out dropping off Sylvain. Other than picking both boys up this afternoon I just chilled at the house, as usual. I watched two episodes of Band of Brothers, only 3 more to go. In these last two episodes I watched they were fighting in Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge right here in Belgium. Bastogne (if I have my geography down pat) is in the Luxembourg province, and about an hour and a half away from Wasseiges. I think. Around that. I think it’s also the site of the large star-shaped monument with the names of all 50 States engraved on it and names of soldiers. So things in theses episodes were familiar to me because of places I’ve already visited. That was kind of cool.

I also made supper tonight (oh it’s been a while….). A sort of ground beef, veggie, rice concoction. It turned out not bad. Greg helped me out with a sauce for it, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have been very good.

That’s about it for today.


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  1. I love your posts, Holly. Narrative, down to earth, and did you know I collect pigs? There are three-legged clay pigs from Ten Thousand Villages – they buy directly from aritisans and give them more than their fair share. Anyway, I buy them and then give them away. They are supposed to be good luck, but the part that makes me smile is that, when the pig goes into the kiln, it must be attached to a stick. In the pigs’ case, it leaves them with a little hole in their butts! Makes me smile.

    How amazing that you are watching Band of Brothers in the place where some of it took place. Got goosebumps. Hope war ends for all time. Peace, Amy

    • You collect pigs? That’s awesome. I have a friend who collects cows. There is a Ten Thousand Villages near my hometown, but I’ve never been in it. I should make that a priority upon my return. The butt holes would make me laugh too ^_^.

      Regarding B.O.B – it is amazing. Especially the Bastogne episode because, although I haven’t been there yet, I kind of want to get to explore the south of Belgium. I’ve driven through it, but never stopped. I just kept thinking of that one museum I visited in Malmedy (where a whole group of American soldiers were massacred) because they were talking about some of the same places and events and stuff.

  2. Your creative side is showing–painting a piggy-bank and cooking. So many dimensions to this world-traveler…

    • Haha. This isn’t the first time I’ve cooked, but it’s the first time in a couple of months. It’s actually in my contract to help with meals, but I’m so very uncreative in that department that without a recipe I find it a real challenge to even get started! And the pig, well, that was my sister’s idea I’m just doing it myself because we didn’t get one for Sylvain this summer. My creativity likes to hide away, but sometimes it will peak it’s head out…..

  3. I always want to save money but i just can’t. My piggy would be empty(always) before it could be even filled. ahaha.

    • Saving money is hard. For the first time in my life I have money that I can spend (ie, not spending on school, etc.) although I should be saving most of it. It’s hard, but a lesson I must learn! Thanks for stopping by! ^_^


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