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About 10 days ago I was very honoured to have a 2nd ‘Versatile Blogger’ Award bestowed upon me by the illustrious (at least to us CC’s ;)) Lafemmeroar. Being nominated for 4 of them herself – at the same time – she found herself in an interesting position. Instead of nominating 60 blogs and writing 29 personal details, she decided to alter the rules a bit. Instead of 15, or even 10 as some others have done, she nominated 2. And I was surprised, pleased, literally tickled pink at being chosen as one of the 2. I’ve mentioned this before, but Lafemmeroar has done quite a wonderful job at bringing together bloggers from all around and helping us connect through our ‘craziness’. Her goal is to make us laugh and laugh we do. Whether it’s by reading posts about her misfortunes in dating, her short Lafemmeroarisms about how the world works, her interesting and entertaining definitions for words not found in any dictionary but they should be, or her unique versions of common – or not so common – acronyms, you’re bound to find something to make you laugh, smile, and maybe even ponder.

Thank you Lafemmeroar & Aurora Morealist.

The Rules:

1.  Thank the person who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post. 

2.  Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post. 

3.  List 7 things about yourself. (end of post.)

In the past couple of weeks I have been in the process of discovering new blogs, new people to share common interests and opinions with. In that time – since my 1st award – I’ve connected with 1 blog in particular. And so I have decided that I am going to nominate 1 single blog this time around.


Brandon is a guy who loves music. I guess it’s no surprise then that I should have stumbled across his blog. And while he states his taste as being “pop-punk alternative metal”, he includes on his blog much more than that. In fact, he is also open to suggestions. His main objective is to bring attention to bands that don’t get much attention, bands that are not necessarily known outside of the people who listen to their genre. For all the bands/singers/musicians that are universally known – whether you listen to/like them or not – there are so many more that remain in relative obscurity because people don’t always go searching for music outside of their specific tastes. This makes sense. I am one of those people. This is why I decided to give Brandon and his blog a chance, because I thought it would be good to expand my horizons a bit.

He is versatile in his choices. He includes anything from Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley to Hedley. From up-and-coming singer Lights (that I’d actually heard of somewhere else) to bands I’ve never heard of like Icon for Hire. Yes, some of these bands/people are more well-known then others, but not for everyone. If you never listened to a country song in your life would you know who Brad Paisley is? Probably not. I like how Brandon tries to include something for everyone in his blog.

For me, music isn’t all about genres. Sure, there are some I like better than others, some that I will appreciate more music than not, but sometimes it’s simply one song. One song that happens to be in a genre or by an artist/band I don’t normally listen to. As a rule I dislike rap music (but that goes back to my high school days and my ‘music snobbery’ which is another story, for another day), but there is the odd rap song or two that I like. It’s not all about labels, it’s about finding what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what makes you get up and go, what makes you clear your head. It’s about finding the right music to fit your mood – every mood – and having fun while you do it. Forget genres and artists – you might write off a song before you’ve even heard it (totally guilty [*cough*Justin Beiber*cough*]) just because you think you won’t like it or because all your friends think said performer(s) is not worth listening to. You won’t like everything, but it’s important not to write something off without giving it a try. This goes for more than just music. Maybe I should try taking my own advice some time…

Here are 7 more things you don’t need to know about me ;):

1. My main interest when it comes to music is – in no particular order – musical theatre, country, classic rock, ‘classical’* – and everything that encompasses, epic film scores (like Lord of the Rings, or Pirates of the Caribbean to name but two), big band, and well, I could go on. But I don’t just like this stuff. I like other stuff too, other stuff that I don’t even know where to begin to place because when it comes to genres of music, when you start getting down to all the sub-categories and the like I’m totally lost. Except in the case of ‘classical’* music, then it’s just a case of me losing my memory ;).

2. I love my privacy and ‘me’ time – and yet I tend to constantly talk about myself with other people. Like in blog comments I always include way to much information as if everyone wants to know… What’s up with that?

3. I don’t like wide open spaces. I could never live on the prairies. I need trees and cover. Hills, rocky outcrops, interesting scenery. Right now my dream home would be somewhere lakeside in Ontario, in the middle of the woods, where getting snowed in for half the winter is a guarantee. Of course, a job would be an issue in that case.

4. In May 2006 we had a house fire. My room was the second most damaged room in the house. I thought the melted plastic that was my TV, DVD player, and other plastic bins looked pretty awesome and made for some wicked cool modern art. It wasn’t so cool that all my graduation stuff and music awards were ruined/gone. But the thing I miss the most? Christmas time in the living/dining room. More specifically, the lights for our Christmas tree. They weren’t harsh, white, or coloured LED lights – they were soft, warm, and yellow with a glow that made the exposed logs look so homey and inviting, away from the biting December wind. And the red bows dotting the branches. Oh boy, now I’m sad…

5. I lived with my Grandma (my Mom’s Mom) while I went to university. We developed quite a bond and I was sad to go because she lives all by herself. She grew up speaking English and Pennsylvania Dutch. My last two years at school I took German and we had some interesting discussions on vocabulary. ‘No Grandma, *that* is not a scarf, *this* is a scarf!’ I always thought PD was a German dialect, in fact, I’m pretty sure I was told/led to believe that. It might even be true, but since coming here I’m of the opinion that it’s more of a Dutch dialect (Pennsylvania Dutch anyone?), or at least a Dutch/German combo of some sort. Based on a book of poems I saw in PD and the Dutch I see here everyday on things like milk and orange juice cartons, that’s what I believe. Even more proof of this is the word (and I’ll probably spell it wrong) jammer – said with a ‘y’ sound, not a ‘j’. At best in English it’s kind of like ‘oh shoot/shucks’ or something like that. My Grandma says it all the time. Bastien said a word in French and I asked Adeline to translate it. She couldn’t tell me in English, but she knew the Dutch word for it: jammer. So thanks to my Grandma I was able to discover the meaning of a French word by way of Dutch.

6. I do my best to see the silver lining in every situation (ie. ‘Oh well Mom, now you’ll get your new kitchen!’ – see #4). I don’t always manage, but it makes life a lot more bearable.

7. If I ever have a date/boyfriend/husband on Valentine’s Day I’d much rather get a single rose than a bouquet. In fact, I think in any situation less is more. Sure they’re beautiful, but they die. And roses are expensive! Plus, each flower has a meaning and even though I don’t know them anymore (I knew a few in high school) I would rather have one flower that is specific to what they’re feeling at the time (I would look it up!) than a whole bunch of random flowers that don’t mean anything. Not good with words? Bring me one flower that tells me what you’re trying to say. I also think that way too much pressure is put on guys for Valentine’s Day. And anniversaries. I think so many forget because they’re trying so hard not to forget. I don’t need jewellery or other gifts – just a simple ‘I love you’ or ‘You make me so happy’ or something like that and a nice cuddle, maybe a movie you would never normally watch (and normally I wouldn’t make you), and that would be fine. Save your money for the important stuff, like vacations!

So if you have a chance, go on over and give Brandon a visit. And while you’re at it maybe you could let him know what you like to listen to and maybe he’ll mention it in a post some time. Who knows….

*When I say ‘classical’ I’m referring to everything that I studied in university and what is commonly lumped under that title – Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic. I studied 20th Century as well, but that’s another whole ball of wax all together…


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  1. Congratulations and great job! Did you ever think that you’d be involved in such a supportive network of bloggers? Life is such a gift! And so are you. 🙂

    • Thanks! And no, I never thought that I would be so blessed by all you wonderful bloggers! I too consider you to be a gift. You show me what is possible when you feel like so much is on your plate. Thank you.

  2. Congrats on your award. Turning a melted TV after a house fire into art? A creative mind at work and redirecting the mind in times of tragedy is a great thing. Interesting facts.

    • Thanks! My facts turned out a lot longer than planned, lol. I’m not always so creative, but I try.

  3. Congratulations and what a great acceptance. This is why I nominated you … your writing shines when you are talking about music and those you love 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked it ^_^. I wasn’t actually planning on writing it yesterday, but inspiration struck and I said ‘who needs sleep? I’ll just stay up and right this’. I can’t wait to start my new blog, then I’ll really get into some music and it might become a mess, but it will be a wonderful sounding mess!

  4. Dear Holly,
    You are amazing! Thank you so much for the kind words, and shout out for my blog. I remember the first article that I commented on was about the versatile blogger award and was shocked to find out WordPress gave out such a thing. Now here I am being nominated. Haha- once again, thank you so much for giving me this honor, and of course, I ACCEPT! =)

    God Bless,

    • Well then, amazing people have to stick together right?! I’m glad to see you jumped in with both feet with this. It feels nice to give recognition and share the talents of others doesn’t it?

      God Bless you as well :D,


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