The dates are set…

A few weeks ago I mentioned some exciting things in the works. Some of you didn’t like being left in suspense. Sorry I’ve waited so long, but I wanted to make sure everything was actually in motion and a go before I talked about it. A friend of mine from university has now left Canada (a few days ago I think) and has come over to do a Euro-tour. I believe she is flying into London, then on to the Netherlands, before making her way to Belgium. She has some family that is only about 45 minutes away from me, near Liège. In just 9 more sleeps she’ll be here! This actually started a couple of months ago, this idea. I think it was a Facebook status about visiting Europe and I (seriously, yet in a jocular manner) said if she was coming to Belgium she should drop me a line. Then I got a FB message from her and we set our plan in motion.

So far our plan looks like this: Saturday, October 15 she will either get a ride to Wasseiges or I will pick her up. One city I haven’t been to yet that I really want to visit is Brugge. So Sunday the 16 we are going to pack a lunch and head out early to take our time touring the city. I think we’re going to check out the chocolate museum, but other than that we don’t have set plans. If it works we might try to check out the In Flanders Fields Museum, but we don’t want to be rushed in Brugge and that would be on our way home. We might still swing by there (Ypres) on our way home because every night at 8 they play the last post and I’d like to hear it there some time. Monday will be more relaxed; we can’t stray too far as I have to be back by 3:30 to pick up Bastien. I want to take her to Waterloo 1) so we can get those coveted pictures with the town signs that I want and still haven’t been back to get and 2) because we both went to university in Waterloo, Canada and I just think it would be neat. I don’t know if we’ll ‘do’ anything or not yet. Also, I’ll have my French class so maybe she’ll want to come with me to check it out! Then again, maybe not :P.

Tuesday, October, 19 is when it gets a little more, hmm, big… We will have another early start with picnic lunches. And by early I mean around 8/8:30 after I take care of my morning duties. That will be followed by a 3 hour drive…to France! As some of you know I really want to see the Vimy Ridge Canadian Memorial before I go home. And when Lucie said she was going to try to visit I jumped at the chance of going with someone. This works out really well because France is on her tour list. And F.Y.I. – the Memorial and the tours are all free. The Memorial is accessible 24/7. So other than gas and a ‘treat’ if we decide to get one, it’s going to be an inexpensive day. And a memorable one. Every time I go somewhere it’s memorable, I’m so very fortunate. I had thought of going during Remembrance Week when there would be special goings on at the Memorial, but I’ve come to enjoy the crowd-less museums and decided that going on a big day/time like that (especially alone) would not be very enjoyable for me.  Only 9 more sleeps till Lucie’s visit!

But wait, there’s more! Oh yes, there’s more. I’m going to London! Well, I haven’t got my train ticket yet. I’m having issues paying for them. On the Eurostar website it says you can make payments online with debit or credit. But when I went to pay it only gave credit options. I emailed customer service and the response was choose credit card and fill in your debit card info and it should work. Hmm, yes, well, my debit card doesn’t have a security code like on credit cards so how does that work? I responded with this (after trying multiple times) even though I was given a number to call if it doesn’t work. This is just not going my way. It will work out, in the end, I just wanted to get it booked and done with so I could relax. Until I actually go. Going to London is…almost as involved as it’s going to be going back home. First Adeline will drive me to Namur. Then I’ll take a train from Namur to Brussels. When I check in I’m going to be given a Landing Card to fill out. On this I have to put the exact address of where I’m staying along with how I’m getting there. And other things I’m sure. Then there is a 2 hour train ride, some of it under water, which I haven’t really thought about although I know that thought freaks at least one of my friends out. I should arrive just after 5pm in London on Friday, November 18. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do while there, but I’ll have to pack it in. I then leave just after 4pm on Sunday, November 20. I probably could choose to stay a little longer and come home later, but I’ll still have to take a train to Namur and get picked up and I don’t want to be too late. I am just a little nervous about all of that. Train switching and the like. At least I’ve been in the Brussels-Midi station before (when we went to Paris), and I was the one who found where we needed to go, so I think I’ll be ok.

Well, at least I had that to write about. I’m totally lacking ambition to write these days. I just don’t feel like it. I also still have to write about days 2 & 3 in Amsterdam and that was 2 months ago! I’m in a funk. Hopefully I can get out of it soon…


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  1. How exciting for you! Such an adventure to cap off your year abroad. I’m really happy for you! 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I’m really glad that it’s all come together. I’m kind of making up for not doing much earlier, lol. I have to make the most of it where I can!

  2. There are people who really deserve this kinda treat and hunny you are her! I’m freaking pumped about you getting to hang with driends and getting some travel in your hectic life! I just know you’re gonna have so much fun….now you just gotta think about what you’re gonna bring… you gonna have some travel romance? Spill the beans…

    So happy for you amazing woman!


    • If there would be anything to tell I might ‘spill the beans’, but I don’t think there will be any beans to spill. Then again, I have no idea. And I won’t be there long enough for romance, lol, :P. I will just hope to catch a show and indulge in my love of musical theatre. Thankfully one of my favourite shows is playing while I’m there and I can get relatively cheep tickets! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad to call you my friend ^_^.

  3. Just not feeling like writing is okay. You have to collect your thoughts sometime… and if my life were a just a tad as exciting as yours with all your travelling, I’d have no time for writing at all, lol. Darn, I keep forgetting to post your singing on my Facebook… let me just remind myself and if I forget again, please remind me, Holly. That is, if you don’t mind me posting/sharing on Facebook? Love your singing and your writing, whenever you have time and the desire to share is alright with me. Happy visiting with your friend and happy travels 🙂

    • Don’t worry about the video, lol, you don’t need to apologize ^_^. I’ll try and drop you a line on FB ;). I love how you feel comfortable enough to share your journey with all of us! It makes me want to share more of mine, but that will be for after this year. Thanks for the happy wishes :D.


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