First rake of the season.

You know how yesterday I was totally freaking out about going back home and declaring and my tax exemption amount and all that? Well, thanks to the wonderful comments from friends and family I am now a lot calmer about that. I’ve gone through all my stuff and determined that I should be okay. I tend to make a big deal out of nothing. Not that it’s nothing, but I hope you know what I mean.

Today I walked Bastien to school. Greg couldn’t take Sylvain so normally I would, but Adeline had to go to Hannut (which is right near the babysitter’s) so she took him. I have to say, I’m impressed with the teachers. They see so many little kids and all the parents and they remember everyone so well. Okay, so maybe this isn’t anything out of the ordinary with teachers, but, last year they only saw me once, maybe twice with Adeline before I went by myself and they recognized me. They don’t let a kid past the gate until they see a parent of said kid. Even after the summer they still recognize me. It can get really crazy at pick up time because all the parents (of the little, little kids) are congregating around this one person gate-way trying to get their child out of the mix and the teachers have amazing spotting abilities. Even when you’re stuck behind a tall guy they still manage to do it! And I know they see me and aren’t just letting Bastien go because we make eye contact. Here’s to teachers everywhere!

This afternoon I went outside with Bastien. It was grey and looked like rain – I’m talking downpour – any minute (it never came). I decided to do something profitable since Bastien was up in his play house. So I got out a rake and went to work. There weren’t that many leaves on the ground, certainly not enough to make a nice pile to jump in, but there were enough to make it sort of worth my while. At least my arms got a bit of a workout and that’s always good! It was honestly, almost the perfect weather. Now, I like the sun for its health benefits as much as the next person, but sometimes it can be a bit harsh. I find stormy skies – grey, black, yellow (that’s dangerous, but funky), etc. – to be exciting and much cooler than regular sunny days. And by cooler I don’t mean temperature. When I saw almost perfect weather, I mean it. It was cool enough to be comfortable in a hoodie, even while raking, and even the breeze was nice. Sometimes it would pick up a little stronger, but I loved it! That’s what I love about fall. You can be comfortable outside in a sweater and not have to worry about sweating up a storm or freezing your butt off. And the autumn breezes are just so refreshing.

I can’t wait till more leaves start turning!


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  1. Things have a way of working themselves out–even if it’s just giving yourself time to breathe.


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