Red sky night….

You know that saying ‘red sky morning sailor’s warning, red sky night sailor’s delight’? Well, if it hold true tomorrow should be beautiful! Not that it hasn’t been beautiful for days, but the sun tonight as it was setting was so bright red/orange and full. The sky around it was redish-pink and absolutely breathtaking. What a nice sight to drive home to. And then I got stuck behind a very slow-moving tractor and couldn’t pass because the road was very curvy. I ended up taking an alternative route when I was able to turn off and I beat the tractor! Go me.

Today was spent preparing for my presentation. Well, not the whole day. I wrote out the lyrics to two French songs from the L’orthographe en chansons CD that Adeline lent me. That’s basically ‘spelling in song’. It uses different dance beats/songs (mambo, rock, polka, march, cha-cha, conga, etc.) and each one highlights a different area of rules and spelling in French. Who ever put it together recognizes that French is horrendously difficult to spell and to remember all the rules so they put those rules and exceptions (because for every rule that might make life easier there are a whole list of exceptions that you have to remember) to music to help in remembering them. They’re so fun. I might have already mentioned them, it’s been a while that I’ve had access to this CD. I used the ‘Rock de la cédille’ and ‘Marche des Noms Féminins’ for my presentation. In the ‘Marche’ they have sections where a ‘kid’ (or what sound like one) is saying things like  ‘oh la la! How am I going to remember all of this? My head is full like the belly of a Buddha, and it’s going to explode!’. I find parts of these songs hilarious and highly entertaining. In my speaking part I introduced the songs and mentioned how using them could help with learning French (spelling and pronunciation), but you have to be careful when learning through song because the pronunciation for somethings may be different from when you’re actually speaking. You know, making words and rhythms match up and all that. Plus all the songs are fast so it takes many listenings to be able to sing along with parts of the songs. My teacher liked the CD so much she wants a copy. I think I put more effort (writing out the lyrics and colour coding the words) than was warranted for the presentation, but it was fun. What everyone else has to do (and I could have done) is pick an event from the pamphlet put out by the Cultural Centre in Hannut, give the details of said event and what you like about it/why you chose it. I totally did more work than necessary!

I didn’t have much interaction with the kids today. Bastien ate all his breakfast with minimal prompting. He even had seconds! He was very pleasant after school. Today his class made little green mice. I asked him if they sang ‘The Green Mouse’ song and he said yes. ‘Une souris verte’. Basically, as well as I can translate it, it goes like this”

A green mouse who is running through the grass. I trap it by the tail and show the men. The men tell me to dip it in oil. To dip it in water. It will be a snail, all hot! Then there is just a speaking in rhythm section. I put it in a drawer and it tells me it’s too dark. I put it in my hat and it tells me it’s too hot. I put it in my underwear (umm…) and it makes 3 little poops. 

It’s such a cute little song, but it doesn’t make much sense to me. Maybe I’m missing something….. When I got home from class Bastien was already upstairs; he didn’t want to eat/didn’t like his food. Sylvain was just sitting in his high chair being his cute little self. Then Adeline got a banana and gave him some. He loved it. So did his hair. ^_^

So that’s it for today. I almost forgot! On the radio I heard ‘A Whole New World’. What stuck out at me was hearing Disney in French. It was just odd. For me. Of course if you grew up with that it wouldn’t be odd, but it was an odd experience today.

Adeline just brought me in a little bowl of mango. Oh how I love mango. Mango, mango, mango. Thank you Grandma Jean for introducing me to the wonder that is mango. It was a treat and something I only had at your house. I LOVE MANGO!


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  1. The French lessons are really filling up your life. That is such an enriching experience.

    And I love mangoes, too! Yum!

    • Actually, except for this past week I don’t spend much time on French lessons. I’m speaking it every day and I only have class once a week, but yeah, I put time into the presentation even if it was just writing out the lyrics for 2 songs 6 times! I didn’t realize I could get the photocopied at the school (and in colour no less) and I wanted the colour coding, lol. Maybe I’ll get bonus marks!

      Mangoes totally rocks! You should come with me when I go visit T…lots of mangoes over there! 😉

  2. meh…you should come over here…i’ve got all the mango, mango, mango you can handle…too many mango trees, not enough people to eat them…


  3. Totally love this line: ” My head is full like the belly of a Buddha, and it’s going to explode!’.” I’m sure you will do just fine and wonderful …

    • That is a really funny line. There was also complaints (in the song) of ‘how am I going to remember all of this? You want me to learn all of this?!’. It’s funny. And very catchy.


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