A little tough love.

This afternoon Greg and Adeline went for a hot air balloon ride so it was just me and the boys. Bastien was watching a movie (Rio) and Sylvain was still napping. When the movie finished (Sylvain was already awake at this point) Bastien went to the washroom and then started crying. And I mean really crying. He wanted to go with Mom and Dad. Of course he couldn’t for many reasons and he was so sad. He said he wanted to go lay down. So I let him go upstairs. The crying soon stopped, but he wasn’t sleeping; he was talking/singing to himself. So I spent that time playing with Sylvain, who will climb up the stairs if you’re not watching him. That’s right; he can climb the stairs now!

He’ll only climb up to the first landing and then stops. I don’t know why, but it’s what he does. He can’t come down solo yet. He keeps trying to go headfirst, he doesn’t get the concept of feet first. Now it’s not just worrying about him falling down the stairs it’s worrying about him going up…

Supper was, well, supper. Bastien didn’t want to eat. Then he wanted help. I told him he could eat himself. Mean? Maybe, but he’s 3 and he really doesn’t need any help, he’s perfectly capable. A little tough love goes a long way. I did give him a little help. I asked him if he was being like this (wanting help to eat, being impolite, acting out – it’s worse than when I got here, but getting better) because of Sylvain, or if it was because of me or something. I think I asked if he wanted to be a baby like Sylvain and he said yes. It was something like that. I asked him if he didn’t like me, didn’t want me here, and if he wanted me to go home to Canada. Thankfully he said no. I told him that after Christmas I was leaving and he asked why. I told him I live in Canada, and he said I live here. At least I think he’ll miss me for a little while, lol. Pj’s and story time were actually fairly easy and tonight he stayed in bed. Sometimes he likes to come down after he’s been tucked in.

Bah, I’m not very inspired. Ta ta for now.


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  1. Tough love. Who is it tougher on? Great post!

    • Ooo, I don’t know. Probably me because I feel so guilty hearing him cry after. Then again, most of the time he cries for no reason so I’m becoming immune, lol. Thanks!

  2. Holly, thanks for visiting. So sad for the children that you will leave them soon, but glad you’re coming back home! It must be hard on children to have au pair situations, in which their caregiver may change from year to year, but I’m so happy you have been sharing your adventure with us! Love, Amy

    • I don’t know if this family will do this again, or if it was just because they know me and my family hosted A’s brother for a year. I was 10 when he was with us….he was just like an older brother. I don’t really remember what it was like, or how I reacted after he left. And yeah, I’m not sure what it’s like for families who get a different person each year or every other or something. That would be hard.

  3. Oh my gosh. This post is sooo very sweet. You are such a big part of these children’s lives and I’m sure that they will miss you terribly when you leave.

    • It will be interesting to see in June when/if we get back how they will react/interact with me. I’ll have to try and Skype every once in a while. I’m going to miss them so much!


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