Who is this new baby?

I got to sleep in today. Then I had the house to myself and just chilled till this afternoon. Just before the boys woke up from their naps we started moving stuff back into the play room and the dining room. Tonight is the first night in about a month that we’ve eaten in the dining room. It was nice. And the new tile is a light grey and it does its job in making the room feel bigger. We haven’t moved all the toys down yet, but some might stay up, so we’ll see how that all goes.

Last night I saw Sylvain go to bed. The baby who greeted me this afternoon after his nap looked like someone else entirely! After Little Gym he got his hair cut. He badly needed it and now he looks so different. It’s going to take a little getting used to. For some reason now he seems bigger and older. Maybe it’s because he was walking today only holding one hand instead of two. He’s getting better balance.

Tonight I read the boys their story. Well, I read Bastien his story and Sylvain spent his time hitting the book. At one point I had them both with me, one on each knee, but if he wasn’t hitting the book, Sylvain was hitting his brother so I had to move him. I got two hugs and two kisses (at different times) from Bastien tonight. Apparently he was in a good mood or something.  He managed to fall off the ladder leading up to the top bunk – he was climbing with his blanket and slipped – but apart from being a little red and sore nothing seems to be the problem. I was watching Sylvain at the time so I didn’t really see what happened. Sylvain was sitting at the bottom and to the left of the ladder and when Bastien fell his foot hit Sylvain somewhere, but it must not have been very hard because apart from a little cry of surprise Sylvain was okay.

Sometime when the boys are together and I’m in another room I’ll hear grunts and giggles. I know the grunts are Bastien and the giggles belong to Sylvain. The problem is that even though Sylvain’s laughing, Bastien has to know he can’t pull Sylvain’s arms/shirts, he can’t lie on top of his brother, he can’t squeeze him too tight. Because eventually he will hurt the little guy. Boys will be boys I guess. Sylvain’s got a pretty tough skin.


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  1. I can tell by the way you write that you are quite attached to these two little guys. Missing them already a bit, eh?

    • Oh I’m so attached, lol. It’s going to be hard when I leave. I’m trying to get all the kid and baby snuggles I can!


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