This morning was a little rough; Bastien didn’t want to get up for school. But we all have those days. After dropping Sylvain off I just chilled. Adeline picked Bastien up on her way home and I picked up Sylvain. Afterwards we were all outside for a bit. Bastien wanted to play in the sandbox. Of course then Sylvain wanted in as well. Things were good, but then both Greg and Adeline went inside and Bastien decided to toss sand in Sylvain’s face. It was just on his cheek, but still. As I was explaining to Bastien why he was in trouble Sylvain decided he wanted to taste a mouthful of sand. Do you know how hard it is to get sand out of/off a baby’s mouth? It’s not easy. That was the only time he tried it, thank goodness.

Both boys were in need of a bath tonight. Sylvain was a little grumpy because he didn’t nap very much, but he still got his groove on when we played some rockin’ Henri Des! He’s so cute when he ‘dances’.

Other than that, this week’s Glee episode, and a whole lot of Criminal Minds, I didn’t do much.


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