Summer decided it wants to hang on after all…

So today when I was outside with Bastien (I had to go out – it’s such a beautiful day!) I had a bit of a nasty surprise. I know Greg said the other night that he ran full on (in the face) into a big spider web. Ugh >_<. I started to take a stroll around the walk way when I stopped for some reason. Then I looked closer and blocking my path was a nice, big spider web, with a generously sized spider perched atop. Oh boy. That was close. I grabbed a stick and broke it apart. I kept said stick with me to wave in front of my face if there were more. I also  stopped to gape at so many webs in bushes. These spiders are huge! Not tarantula huge, but not daddy-long-legs small. I’m totally cool with crushing spiders. I don’t like them, but I’m not afraid of the little ones. The little, little one’s I’ll even crush with my hand if there’s no tissue near by. I did that once in elementary school. We were changing for gym in the washroom and a tiny spider was crawling across the wall. Some of the girls started freaking out and I just went smack! And it was dead. The bigish ones with the bodies you know are going to be squishy, mushy, and gross I will attack with a rock or shoe…if I need to. These I just let be because they weren’t actually bother me/in the house and I’m not always unnecessarily cruel.

Greg, Adeline and the boys have a wedding today. You couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather! It’s warm, but not too hot. The sun is shining, but it’s not hot enough to bake you in your skin. There’s a slight breeze. If you were to be outside for a long time – especially if you aren’t actually doing anything – you might want long sleeves or a very light jacket/cardigan, but otherwise it’s really, really nice.

I also have a start on The Great Room Make-Over Project. Well, it’s not really a make-over – but it sort of looks like one! I’m not planning on changing any furniture around, but you can see all the floor you should be able to see now. Things are tidied. I have to work on dusting and vacuuming, but I’ll leave that for another day. A friend of mine posted this as her Facebook status the other day and even though I’m not a parent I liked it. In some ways it’s just a really good excuse for when you let your house go – Dirty dishes prove I feed my children, full bins prove I change my baby’s diapers, messy floors prove that I let my kids play and have fun, piles of clothes prove I keep my children in clean clothes, a messy bathroom proves that I bathe my kids! So next time you walk into my house and see a mess, think twice before you judge!!! Keep this going if you’re a parent. I don’t know if she originated this or what, but I thought it was great. Maybe that’s just because on most days I’m extraordinarily lazy and any excuse not to have to clean/tidy is a good one by me! Now at least my room doesn’t look like a marauding war party trampled through it on their way to somewhere after a satisfying win.

So other than that and taking an über long time to load a mere 31 pictures to Facebook – it only worked if I used the basic uploader = 5 pics at a time… – that’s what I did today. I also had some music playing and I danced around a little bit.

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  1. Why did you crush the poor widdle spider? 😦
    Haha the status is really nice. (:
    But that’s exactly why i never ever want to have kids. They’re a mess. Pffttt.

    • The one reason I’m still undecided on having kids or not is b/c I am really selfish with my ‘me’ time and that would almost be non-existent with kids. If I find the right guy then I’m sure things will change. If I get married I’ll most likely have kids and I think all in all I’ll really enjoy it. I’m just not there yet!

  2. I love this! For the record I hate spiders! Even the small daddy long legged spiders, I scream and run full force the other direction. That being said, I give props to you for killing them on the spot. Well, the tiny ones to be exact. Haha! =)

    You’re lucky for having summer stick close, it’s already getting into the fall/winter temperatures here in Minnesota! And speaking of cleaning rooms, I better get to mine pronto. It currently looks as if a tornado came through.

    • Give me a big shoe and plenty of whacking space and I’ll kill the medium sized ones too, lol. Just not tarantula sized. I will never go near one of those willingly. We had summer this spring. It would alternate btw spring and summer until the middle of July, then it turned into fall. The for a little while in August we had summer-ish weather, but mostly fall. The past few days it’s summer again, and except for rain tomorrow it’s supposed to be sun and in the 20s (Celsius) all week!

      Speaking of tornadoes…when my family came to visit my sister shared my room. With two of us and one living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks it looked like several tornadoes had gone through w/o clean up time in between. My host family joked that my sis was visiting again….


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