May the stilts be with you.

Today was actually quite relaxing. Bastien was a lot more chill and Sylvain was calmer as well. I think we’re past the worst with him. His spots still look sore, just fewer and fewer look like they’re ready to explode. Adeline and Greg were in Namur today I believe. I actually forget what they said they were doing exactly, but I think this weekend is part of the Fête de Wallonie in Namur. That’s the Walloon Festival. In case you’re not sure, the Walloon region is the French region of Belgium (as opposed to Flanders –> Flemish). They were invited to some pretty exclusive stuff and were gone all day. They actually got back a little earlier than planned.

So apart from a little time outside, Sylvain’s treatment schedule, and happy boys, nothing extraordinary happened for me today. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was a good day. Bastien had a few loud moments and fancied himself a pig during lunch today (at which I threatened that he’d have to eat outside because of course pigs don’t eat at the kitchen table), but both boys ate well, slept well, and were generally in good humour the whole day. Just after lunch we listened to one Henri Des CD, and before/during supper we listened to one of his live CD’s. No jokes, I think I’m going to put them on my computer. At least the live one anyway. It’s fun to listen to! The more I listen the more lyrics I catch and the more I’m beginning to understand. Funny how that works….

I also (sorry if I’ve mentioned it twice now) have three more kid songs memorized. I can now sing 5! That’s quite the accomplishment. Pft. I should know a lot more. My favourite is the one about the mouse, a green mouse!

The kids went to bed late tonight. It was about 8:30/40. They had late naps this afternoon and we all want them to sleep as long as possible tomorrow so I wasn’t too concerned about getting them to bed  at the normal time. Of course tomorrow is different because Bastien goes back to school Monday! And so do I. It’s official, my school term is starting up again Monday. I’m not sure about the teacher situation. I’m not even sure if that was the issue or not. I hope it’s the same teacher because I want her to see how much I’ve improved over the summer. I still make a ton of mistakes, but that’s not unusual. Mostly it’s when I’m not quite thinking it through and I’m just letting my mouth run away with me. But hey, that happens in English too! Here’s looking forward to my (hopefully) last few months in school. Although who knows. Not that I plan on going to get my Master’s or another degree or anything. You just never know when it comes to job hunting if I’ll need to augment my studies at all. I sure hope not. Full time student might be what I know and am used to, but it’s not something I want to continue forever.

Below are links to two videos of people fighting each other on stilts. The first is video of the Walloon Festival in 2007 and an event that has been in existence for 600 years (1411-2011). The second is sort of an advertisement (I’m assuming) and is just plain awesome.

Jedi Stilt Wars

Hope you enjoy the videos!

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  1. Stilts–a lost talent (and probably for good reason)! You made me smile…

    • They do look pretty dangerous. I’m so glad I made you smile! I hope everything gets settled with your email notifications…then again, if it doesn’t you probably won’t see this!


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