It’s like if Einstein and a wannabe Halloween make-up artist were to have a baby.

I realize this title is very long and really odd, but let me explain. Sylvain + chicken pocks + hair + white chalky cream for spots = a spotty baby with crazy white-ish Einstein-like hair and a face that looks like someone tried to create a vampire baby for Halloween. Crazy and still so cute!  He had so many more spots this afternoon than he did this morning. He’s covered now. He might even have more than Bastien! Speaking of Bastien, he scratched on of the spots on his head so bad that it’s all infected now and quite big. We’re a bit worried and Adeline and Greg have done their best to make it clear to him he can’t scratch it any more.

We went for a little walk this morning. September is so beautiful, but can be confusing and frustrating. I never know what to wear! There’s a wind and it seems too chilly for shorts/capris, so you wear pants. In the sun and when you’re moving it seems way too warm for pants. And I had a hoodie on during our walk. With the wind it was nice, but the sun almost made it too hot. We stopped by the bakery (of course) so I could pick up some bread. I got an éclair for Bastien (he loves those things), a cherry turnover for me, and a raspberry mousse for Greg (he’s home sick, but he was still working today!). I don’t know what he all likes there, but I know he likes raspberries and it turns out I made a good choice.

Things were pretty much same old, same old today. Good news is the floors in the Dining Room and Play Room are finished. I think we’ll he able to start moving stuff back in this weekend. It will seem odd, especially with the Play Room, but I’ll get used to it being back to normal soon enough.

I also went to Hannut to the school to get registered for the French course. Since all my information is the same I’m essentially still registered, I just have to pay again. They don’t know when the class is starting up, but when it is they’ll call me. At this point I might have to search for another school to finish out my year with. I have 120 hours from last ‘year’. I don’t know how many I need to technically keep my work permit. Or if it’s not about that and is just about being in the course all year. So we’ll see how it goes, but of course we can’t wait too long to decide what to do.

Tonight I’m doing something that I consider to be totally ‘old school’; I’m talking on MSN with a friend of mine. I used MSN so much in high school, but in university online chat sort of fell out of popularity – at least with my friends. Of course there’s Facebook chat but no one really uses it because it’s small and kind of annoying. I used it once to connect and work out project details with a group from one of my online courses, but other than that never. I did have a typing teacher in high school who would only let her kids use MSN if they employed proper typing techniques. I feel like I’ve posted that already… am I being a broken record?


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  1. Yes, best of luck. This was a good read and I have to confess I don’t like online chat of any sort. MSN, Facebook or any of it… so good for you that you could enjoy some good old fashioned chat LOL What I’m really here for is to ask if you put your singing vid from the Crazy Chicks club on Youtube yet? If not, you ought to. It deserves to be out there, enjoyed and so do you. Spine tingling 🙂

    • Wow, thanks so much! Yeah, it’s on YouTube. I had to put it up there because when I sent the file to Lafemmeroar it didn’t work, so she just used the YouTube link instead. I haven’t had much time lately, but I might try to get more up ^_^. Someday. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Once you explained the title, it was really a creative one! Good luck with that French course. 🙂


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