I’m here Sylvain, it’s okay.


The past few days it’s become clear to me just how much Sylvain likes being with his older brother. He’s okay playing alone, but if he knows Bastien is near by he’ll cry until Bastien comes into the room. Sometime when he’s crying Bastien will come running in and say ‘I’m here Sylvain” or “You okay Sylvain?”. For the most part I think Bastien likes being with Sylvain, but of course there are times when Bastien will want to play with a certain toy but can’t because little brother will put it in his mouth, or when he gets a little rough with Sylvain; pulling arms and legs, pushing him. It hasn’t gotten to the point where he’s done anything hard enough to make Sylvain cry or to hurt him, we just need Bastien to know that it’s not okay to do that stuff before Sylvain actually gets hurt. Boys will be boys. More importantly, kids will be kids. Talk about hypocrisy; I used to try to wail on my sister and I would yell at her to “stop kicking me so I can hit you”. Lisa was – and still is – a fighter and won’t take anything lying down. Despite my being the tough “I want to hit something and look your here” older sister, I’m a door mat compared to Lisa. And she’s not just tough because I was rough with her, she’s always been strong like that. Really, we were both pretty rough at times when we were kids.


This morning – of course – Bastien asked for a movie. I made it very clear (or as clear as possible) that if he watched one in the morning he could not have one after his nap. He agreed, said okay… Yeah right. Of course I knew that even after stressing this multiple times he would still ask. I told him, ‘you always say you won’t ask Bastien, and then you always do’. Basically I made it clear that if he asked for a movie after his nap he was going to be ‘punished’ right away. So he watchedPeter Pan and for the rest of the morning and even after eating lunch he didn’t ask for another one. I thought maybe I got through to him a little. They go down for their naps. Two and a half hours later I go upstairs because Sylvain was awake. I go into the room, open the curtains say hello to the boys, and am about to ask Bastien how his nap was and what he wants for snack and what’s the first thing out of his mouth? Oh, you guessed it. “Can I have a movie?” I gave a short bark of a laugh and said “no, but you can go in the corner”. He was only in there for 1, maybe 2 minutes while I was changing Sylvain, but he didn’t ask again. Sometimes he’ll ask upwards of 10 times in a day, even after you’ve said no and explained why. I felt that we did good today because he might have only asked about 3 times or so.


We couldn’t even go for a walk or play outside because it was raining off and on. It’s supposed to rain for the next few days I think. At least next week he should be back in school, his spots are clearing up. I believe Sylvain goes back to the babysitter’s next Thursday. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing something wrong/extremely different because Sylvain was up early and a lot again last night/this morning. One thing to note is that the 12 month pj’s are too short of Sylvain now. He’ll be 10 months tomorrow. His feet are longer than the feet sections of the one piece pj’s and they’re just all around a little too short. Adeline bought 3 or 4 sets of two piece pj’s that are two big now, but I’m sure won’t be for long, but they’re all dirty! So she said we’ll have to get out the 18 month stuff. He’s been wearing 12 month clothes for at least a month and a half now, if not 2 months.




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  1. That’s so cute that he’s willing to let him know he’s there and things are cool until the boy needs to tussle….lol..

    loved reading this …


    • Bastien’s come a long way in terms of excepting his brother. It’s hard for the oldest child sometimes. Sylvain’s pretty tough, I think when they get older he’s either going to just be calm and take it (like he does now), or he’s going to fight back and give as good as he gets.


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