Not much today except noise.

Sylvain decided this morning that he really didn’t want sleep. He woke everybody up earlier than normal. I managed to get our for a walk this morning so I had no idea until I got back. So there was that and today neither of the boys really got any sleep during nap time because of all the noise. Of course, the noise couldn’t be helped. It’s hard to be quiet when you’re ripping out a floor. Sylvain managed to get some sleep this morning on our walk and then when we got back to the house, but this afternoon I guess not so much. Bastien was a bit cranky this afternoon/evening because he was tired. He kept saying he didn’t want to sleep.

Hopefully they’ll sleep well tonight and not wake their parents up early! So other than trying to keep them occupied and trying to get them to sleep there wasn’t much else that went on today. Sylvain is getting more and more vocal all the time. It’s great, except for when he screams in your ear. Of course today there were more tears, but being tired will do that to you.


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  1. Whose tears? 😉

    • Oh! Haha, I didn’t even realize that wasn’t clear. I meant the boys. Normally Sylvain doesn’t cry unless he’s hungry or tired and occasionally when he needs his diaper changed. But the past few days he’s been crying more. Maybe it’s his teeth, he has one and it was too bad, but maybe there’re others that are a little harder to get through or something. And Bastien, well, like most kids when he’s tired he’ll cry for anything.


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