Baby giggles, little boy shrieks, and grown up guffaws.

This morning I took the boys on a walk. Bastien had played out side for a little bit before this so he was ready, but I still had to get some stuff together before we left. I managed to get Bastien to put his socks on because he had gone outside without them, just with his mini-crocs and the wind was nippy. So once we were all bundled up against the wind we set out. In the sun it got a bit warm, but then the wind would start-up again. Bastien looks so adorable in his little fleece jacket and hood. Sylvain fell asleep for the last 20 minutes or so, but woke up when I was bringing him into the house. It’s kind of hard not to while going up the front steps in a stroller. We saw a lone cow in a field and Bastien said she was sad because she was alone. I think she liked it that way; the look she gave us as we walked by… I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side, she was huge.

By the time we got back the upstairs had been cleaned so we could go play. I managed to keep them occupied until lunch time. Ok, they kept themselves occupied, but Bastien didn’t ask for a movie during this time. We went down for lunch and then he asked for a movie. Of course he had to have his nap first. During our play time Sylvain was very vocal. He’s becoming more talkative lately, which is good. And his tooth has broken through! He had a tooth now!! You can never see it though because when he opens his mouth his tongue is there (when he’s being fed) and when he opens his mouth to ‘talk’ I’m never close enough to see the tooth. And to try to get his to open his mouth to show you is actually quite challenging.

The boys actually slept for 3 hours today! It was great. I tried to watch a movie, but we’ve been having problems with the DVD player, or computer, or something. I ended up trying to take a nap myself. I sort of dozed a bit, but mostly just laid there. It was restful so that was good. Then was snack time and after that Bastien asked again for a movie. First we played a bit. We ended up watching Shark Tales, but without subtitles because it’s on the computer. Both Greg and Adeline got home while we were watching it. Sylvain likes to hit things. Including us. You want to hold him, but he’ll just climb all over you and hit you, mostly in the face.

We had pitas tonight for dinner, yum ^_^. And then Greg and Adeline taped off the tv room from the dining room. Oh yeah, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet. Well, you know how they’re a new floor in the toy room? Well, they’re also going to change the tiles in the dining room. The tiles right now are black. Because the room is in the middle and has no windows it’s dark and darker with the floor. Plus the black tiles show everything and with two kids, especially, all the crumbs show up big time. So they thought why not change it all at once? So of course things are pretty squished in the library and the tv room right now, but it’s not bad. We’re eating in the kitchen which has both its advantages and disadvantages, but it all works. I think the guys are coming back again tomorrow to continue. They had to wait for the concrete in the play room to dry before they can do anymore so they haven’t been here since last Wednesday.

That’s all for today!


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  1. Every day there is something that stands out and will make for a great story later on. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing–keeping a blog of your daily experiences…

    • I know, there’s almost always something! I think I’m going to make it a book later and now they even have that option right on WordPress!


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