Brocante de Wasseiges et un Fête locale.

Today I was up in time for breakfast. That hasn’t happened on a Sunday (or Saturday) for a while. I was awake around 7:30 and already people were outside setting up for the big garage sale/town party that was going on all day (see title ;)). Later in the morning we went out garage sale-ing. They bought the movie Robots (with the voice talents of Robin Williams, Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, and Amanda Bynes to name a few) and we watched it tonight. I forgot how funny that movie is. We watched it in French for Bastien so I had to read the subtitles, but all I kept thinking about was how funny Robin Williams is and his voice.

I can’t believe the change in weather from yesterday to today. Yesterday it was hot and sunny. In the 30°s at least. Today, well, today was overcast and cooler with rain on and off, but it was still humid. The problem was that it was chilly enough to wear a sweater, but then you felt almost too hot with one on.

We met a couple of girls who are interested in babysitting and they live super close. Adeline told them that they probably wouldn’t be needed until January because I’m here, but who knows. Super handy though, they (or at least the one) live just a couple of houses away. Well, on the other side of the Pharmacy. Everybody kept asking if Bastien had the chicken pocks. We all thought it was rather obvious with all the red dots (really red because of the stuff Adeline puts on them) all over his face….

Then we came back for lunch and the boys went down for their naps. Adeline had one as well and Greg was working up in the attic before he left to take his tux back (the one he wore last night). So last night. I guess it was sort of a party/show. There were people/groups that showcased different dances and then there were also times when everyone could get up and dance. I guess it was basically eating, dancing, eating, dancing, etc. At the beginning Dominique got up to say a few words and a song and then the party really began. It sounds like it was quite the party!

I basically spent the afternoon going through old blog posts. I’ve got Dec.-Mar. tagged and categorized, as well as most of the ‘special’ things put in their place. I have to back through part of Jan. and Feb. to check for some stuff I missed, as well as through Dec.-Feb. for any food I missed. I’m going to be cleaning up some of my pictures eventually as well. Now that I’ve got a page set up on Facebook it will be the easiest to share photos with everyone (even those who don’t have me on FB). Those will be the one’s that I would put up here anyway, but don’t have room for. I feel like it took me such a long time today to only get through one month because of our Switzerland trip. I had a lot of stuff to do for that! While it’s taking a lot of time to separate things and re-post them (well, the links anyway)  I think I’m going to be really very happy with the end result. I still might change my theme again in the next couple of weeks, but that’s okay.


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  1. Facebook pages are fun! I haven’t thought about sharing photos, such a great idea!
    Btw – Robots is awesome! We even have it and watch it every other month or so haha!

    • I love the movie ‘Robots’, totally a re-watchable movie! About the photos: I don’t have enough room for all the photos I want to share (which is way too many, lol) w/o paying and I thought it would be easier than Flickr (which I did for one post) 1) because the pics from Flickr are really small on here and 2) you can add as many as you want to FB, there’s no monthly limit like Flickr!


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