Do unto others….

I always knew I can be a little ‘off’, but this? It’s the 2nd of September and yesterday and today I was already singing Christmas carols! I had some stuck in my head earlier this summer, but I never sang them out loud. I think it’s because it’s September, we had a couple of cooler days with nippy nights, but sunny and I can feel that Fall is approaching. I love the Fall. I think I just love the change in seasons. I could never live in a place with only two big seasonal changes. Even here – at least this year – winter petered out quite quickly and spring and summer were melded into one, or rather almost changed places. I just love Christmas time. I love the build-up, the lights, the snow, the carols, the warm fuzzy feelings that most people have, the movies. I’m a sucker. And it’s way too early to be thinking of all that. Please feel free to throw rotten veggies at me, I won’t complain.

Day two with the little rascals was rather uneventful. Well, except for the fact that I think today Sylvain slobbered more than a St. Bernard. Seriously. His t-shirt front was completely wet, and I need to wash my shirt. Well, my shirt is dirty because he would come up to me and start ‘gumming’ my arm or where-ever. That and he had the runniest of runny noses. There were three times today when there was a big, long, stringy, wet booger just dangling down threatening to fall on his shirt, on the floor, or on whatever he happened to be leaning over. He was like a leaky faucet. Upstairs – because there was no tissue box – I kept a roll of toilet paper with me so I could wipe him up every once in a while. Also, every time he would make strained grunting noises Bastien would say Sylvain was trying to grow up. He kept saying that yesterday as well. If only getting bigger were that simple Bastien, if only.

This morning Bastien watched Peter Pan and I kept Sylvain occupied. Then we went to get bananas because Bastien’s been asking about them for a while and when Adeline took the boys to the store in Wasseiges yesterday they were too green. So we hopped in the car and headed over to Hannut. We went to two different stores because I wanted this certain type of cheese for sandwiches that they didn’t have at the first store. In both Sylvain was as calm as calm can be with only a few sneezes interrupting his silence. In the second store the guy ahead of us got two packs of cards (back to school type things) and he didn’t want them so he gave them to Bastien. Lucky boy.

Sylvain slept for a few minutes in the car, but then woke up in the house. I didn’t want him to sleep at that moment because he needed to eat lunch and then I wanted him to have a good nap. Bastien and I ate after I put Sylvain down. Then Bastien went for his nap. Sylvain slept for almost 2 hours, and Bastien about 2.5-2.75. During snack time Adeline came home. She went back outside shortly after and was pressure washing the drive-way. There is a big brocante (garage sale) on Sunday right outside the house and along the main street. I played with the boys upstairs while she was doing this. Bastien is in a ‘I want to hit/push/pull/etc. Sylvain even though I know it’s wrong and I’ll get in trouble’ phase. He has a toy baby and that baby has a bottle and Bastien through that bottle in Sylvain’s face. Hard enough that it could have hurt, but not hard enough to make Sylvain cry. Personally I think that’s just because Sylvain’s one tough cookie! So, I had him bring the bottle to me and I tossed it in his face. He wasn’t expecting it so even though it hardly touched him he started crying. Maybe it’s not the best method, but I told him that if he does things like that to Sylvain that he’s not supposed to and that will hurt his brother, I’m going to do them to him. Just enough to he gets the picture, but not so much that I’ll hurt him. After a while he dumped the cars out of one of the plastic bins and proceeded to throw the bin on the floor. I said no and he did it again, but this time a piece broke off. I finally found where it came from (in one of the corners about half way down). Now there’s a whole and a crack and it will eventually get worse. Plus, having that piece of plastic around (if I wouldn’t have been there to get it) would be dangerous for Sylvain because he will stick it in his mouth if given the chance. So I made Bastien sit on the bean-bag chair. I didn’t even make him stand in the corner. But this was going to be a longer punishment so I thought maybe just making him sit there and not be able to play with anything when Sylvain was playing and all his toys were right there might be something he wouldn’t like to much. I was right. He kept trying to get up and play, but I said no. Between a few wails and the usual ‘I don’t want to’ he was actually really quiet. He was there long enough that he kept asking to go play so I *hope* it made some impact. Every kid is different and sometimes it’s hard to tell what will work and what won’t. I told him he had to tell his Mom what he did. He said his parents would be mad at me for making him sit there. Ha. The first thing he did when Greg came home was tell him how he broke the bin. At least he remembered that.

I made supper tonight for the first time in a long time. Just sausages, salad, and quinori (which is a mix of quinoa and other stuff :P, some rice and things). I guess Adeline usually adds a bullion cube (which totally makes sense!), but as this was my first time making it I didn’t think of that so it was really bland. We just added some soy sauce to perk it up a bit.

If you get a chance, go check out my new page on Facebook (box in the sidebar) where you can see – so far – pictures from my day in Paris and my visit to Ath. If you want. ^_^

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