In fact, sometimes cats hide.

Today went really well. It might actually be easier with the two boys here than just Sylvain, because at least Bastien can play with him if I have to step out of the room or something. Bastien watched ‘Cars’ this morning and after I started some of my laundry I went upstairs with Sylvain to play. When the movie was over we went for a little walk. We went down by where the deer are, but I had to make sure we walked back that way because I couldn’t take Bastien past the school; he was sad he couldn’t go today. As we approached, he said this: “When we arrive at the deer you have to say ‘voila, the deer’.” Then when we were right in front of them he says this: “Oh zut! we didn’t bring any bread and they’re hungry. Oh now they’re sad.” He was so incredibly serious when he let out that “oh zut alors”, I almost laughed.

On the way back we saw a cat. He was walking on a wall and I asked Bastien what he was doing. He confirmed what I saw. Then the cat jumped on something. Then he jumped on something else and we couldn’t see him because of the electricity pole. I said he disappeared, but Bastien said “no, it’s not possible. In fact, sometimes cats hide. If they’re scared, they hide.” Too precious. I wish I could remember everything he says or at least record it because the things he comes up with are great. I know a lot of kids are like that, but I don’t experience other kids because I’m not with them all the time. And maybe because it sounds much more, I don’t know, sophisticated, serious (?) in French and that’s what makes it so amusing to me.

Apparently Bastien likes eating chocolate with vegetables – peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes, they’re all good with chocolate. But chicons, he’s never tried those with chocolate so he doesn’t know. We discovered this during snack time today. And I’ve finally figured out what a ‘chicon’ is in English! It has many names but basically it’s a type of endive. A Belgian endive (or in the UK chicory).

Belgian Endive - or chicon. Thank you Wikipedia.

The boys actually ate supper before us adults. Then they went to bed. Well, Sylvain fell asleep with his bottle in his lap (he didn’t really nap today) and Bastien wanted to go to bed as well – although I think he’s up again, or was a few minutes ago. We had a quiet, calm dinner. What a change! For some reason today Bastien screamed inside more than normal. And louder than normal too. Or maybe that was just because a few times I happened to be closer to him than I normally am when he screams. Let me tell you, ringing ears is an understatement when he really lets loose. Now we just pick him up and put him outside. He has to sit on the bench right there. He doesn’t have his shoes so he won’t go play.

I don’t know why but this week has me all confused. I’ve felt like it’s Friday since Tuesday! I have no idea what’s up, I can barely remember what say it is. Weird.

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  1. I have those weeks every week. What does it matter? Days are days. Nights are nights.

    I love reading about how you navigate all of them!

  2. I can never remember what day it is, some times I don’t even know what month it is (True story haha) sounds like a great time never the less 🙂 Kids can say such sweet things, it is great to write it down to go back over them in the future.


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