Movie Day

Not much happened today. I have to do something different though with my alarm. I wake up with the first, but always miss the second! It’s just happened way to much.

I basically chilled out today, watched a couple of movies online. Sang a bit. When Adeline and I were in the play room with the boys Sylvain kept taking Lego out of the Lego bin and putting it in the toy car bin. Or just on the floor. It was funny because sometimes he’d put it in his mouth, but mostly he would just take piece after piece out for no apparent reason.

Oh yeah! He’s getting his first tooth. It’s finally coming. I know I’ve raised a false alarm a few times before, but this time it’s really happening. We can actually see it.

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  1. I bet you’re going to miss these little young-uns when you’re year is up!

    • I will. The sad thing is they won’t really remember me. Bastien might, a very little, but Sylvain is way too small. 😦

      • 😦 😦 Make memories last and take lots of pictures 🙂

        • Oh I’ve got lots of pictures. Over 6000! Well, with the deleted one’s not that many, but still. I take pictures all the time. It’ll be insane if I ever have kids! !


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