And when the dust settles…

For the past couple days Greg and Adeline have been tearing up the floor in the play room. For the last couples weeks they’ve been tearing down a wall up on the 3rd floor. There were a couple of guys here helping with the clearing out and tearing down and laying the stuff underneath the new floor, etc. It was dusty! All doors that could be closed were close to keep them as dust free as possible. The main hall and everywhere that wasn’t closed off needs a good cleaning. That’s to be expected though when you do this kind of work. It wasn’t as hot as yesterday and it rained off and on all day. The sun finally came out this afternoon.

I spent my time organizing (or trying to) little day trips for myself. There’s so much to see and I need to start doing more. Especially while I have until 5. I also wrote the first of 3 posts about Amsterdam, but I need to clarify a few things and I want to try to add some pictures so it isn’t going up today.

I took another trip to Decathlon (I really love that store) and this time came home with walking sticks for Nordic walking. They’re green and black. I love them. I wish I would have been on the ball and got them before going to Switzerland again, but I wasn’t. I think they’ll be great come winter because I don’t always have the best footing and if this winter is like last winter here we’ll get snow before Christmas. They’ll be good for at home as well in the winter. All year really, but the winter especially. My Mom says they are becoming quite popular in Canada. Maybe I won’t be so reluctant to tackle the hills at home now that I have these to help. Not that the hills right where we live are that bad, but in Canada I do live in a valley so to walk anywhere I have to climb a hill in either direction. Plus, I know that when I was taking those super long walks, for 3 or 4 hours, I really started to wish I had something to help keep my upright!

So tomorrow I have some tentative plans. It’s supposed to be about 27° and sunny with a chance of rain in the afternoon/evening I think. If it decides to rain early, my plans will just be slightly altered.

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  1. Glad you got walking sticks, Holly! They are quite popular here in Wisconsin, where folks routinely hike and ice fish on the frozen lakes. (I don’t think I’m ready for those kinds of walks yet, but…) Some look like ski poles; others more like traditional walking sticks. Have someone take a shot of you all dressed up in your Alpine gear!! Love, Amy

    • I have two different size ‘things’ (I don’t know what to call them) that I can put on the end for when there’s ice and/or snow, otherwise they just have a somewhat sharp flat-ish pick on the end. Hahaha, I don’t know what other Alpine gear you mean….I have my back pack (which is more for running, not ‘backpacking’) with my water pack and then those sticks. A picture with me all decked out would be a good idea though…..


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