ECHO, ECHo, ECho, Echo, echo…..

First off, today’s post is dedicated to Lafemmeroar and her CCC for inspiring me to add drop-down menus options. I hadn’t honestly thought of it/knew I could do it until she added them on her blog and then I realized – yet again – how much I don’t know about what’s all possible on a blog. I’m hoping that by utilizing this option it will make it easier for those readers who only have time to stop by once in a while and are just interested in exciting things like when I go visit castle ruins or cruise along a subterranean river or other “touristy” things like that. They’ll even have the option of choosing which country they want to read about! This will hopefully also help in finding those such posts, you know, just in case they want to show someone else or something ;). I’m also playing around with categories and of course I’m trying to remember to include tags, but I never did that when I started and I think I’ve managed on all of two posts so far so it’s a slow process there.

For those of you who are regulars, you’ll notice I’ve changed my theme yet again. I really am sorry, but I can’t help it. It’s like OCD  a little compulsion of mine similar to when I have to change my furniture around. I get that honestly from my Mother, God Bless her. Love you Mom!

Now on with the actual post! Let’s hope I can remember what I all wanted to say because I had some good stuff going on…

This morning it was to be both boys and me while Adeline and Greg went shopping for new floor tiles for the play room. There are a couple broken one’s in there now so (as I’ve mentioned before) they’re tearing up the floor and putting a new one in. The room is completely empty now and it echos something fierce. Before they left Bastien said he wanted to go with them. Eventually it was decided he would, so that just left me and Sylvain. Greg had to move our cars (actually, I think mine and Adeline’s are still in the bank parking lot) because someone was going to be dropping off a big waste container and it needed to go where the cars are normally parked. Greg didn’t know exactly when it was coming so I had to be prepared to explain where we wanted it. Sylvain and I played for a bit then he went up for a nap. I wasn’t sure if he would sleep or not, but he did. When he got up I made us lunch. At one point (because he was crying from being alone in the other room) I brought him into the kitchen with me. The last time he was in the kitchen he tried to eat cat food. And he did that again today. This time I got to him before he actually got any in his mouth. Silly Sylvain.

Have I ever mentioned he has a thing for glasses? Like the one’s on your face so you can see. He always tries to grab them. And if you take them off and try to put them somewhere he’ll just try to go to where you put them so he can grab them. And do what, I don’t know, but I bet it involves his mouth and a lot of drool. The others ate when they got home. *I totally just killed a fly with my bare hands. Speedy like a ninja!* Eventually Sylvain went down again and we tried to get Bastien to go to sleep, but he wouldn’t do it. He had slept for about an hour in the car, but that’s a short nap for him. He sort of helped us clear out some last things in the play room, but he kept asking to watch a cartoon or eat ice cream and so he was sent to his room and told to lie down. After a little bit of quiet I heard through the baby phone (which was in my room from this morning) that Sylvain was awake. Since they’re still sharing a room right now this meant that Bastien was awake now as well (if he had even fallen asleep, which I doubt). So I went up to get them.

Then it was time for the make-shift pool! Sylvain had a gay old-time in there today. Well, he has a blast when he’s in water. Like a fish that one. We got some awesome pics of him with his swimming cap and sunglasses. Bastien has new sunglasses…he left his other pair on Mt. Fort in Verbier.  Adeline also set up the slide with the water hose so water would come out the top and run down. This made it really slick! Bastien just flew down and off every time. Speaking of Bastien; you know his way of saying ‘I have a secret for you: I love you’? Well, he likes to do that just after he’s gotten in trouble. Like it will make everything better. Sometimes it’s just ‘I love you’, but either way you know he’s trying to suck up. It’s cute, but after a while you just want him to understand that doing that doesn’t automatically make everything better. That’s just a side note/observation.

I think Sylvain really likes slides as well. I took him down the other one yesterday and today he kept climbing out of the pool to try to get on the slide. I took him down it a few times and he seemed to really enjoy himself. He adores his swing as well. While on his swing is actually when I find he laughs/smiles the most. Oh, he does that other times as well, but while on his swing he’s having a blast.

After supper Bastien decided he was going to have one last ‘play’ in his play room (for three weeks or so). He had a great time in there just making noise. He kept saying ‘C’est pas vrai, no, no, no, no et no’ (It’s not true, no…..and no). It says this a lot, but because of the echo he just kept saying it and saying it and saying it and say… get the picture. It was cute at first, but then it got to be a little much. Finally, the boys were ready for bed. Although Sylvain (the little turd :P) decided that just after I removed his diaper would be the best possible time to go pee. So I had to get him new pj’s and wipe him down and he just smiled and gurgled at me as if it was the funniest thing in the world to be covered in one’s urine. Well, not covered, just his lower back and one leg, but still.

I’ve come to the realization that I have yet to write about our little jaunt to Amsterdam! I can’t believe I’ve neglected it, but the harsh truth is that I’ve simply forgotten about it this last week. Stay tuned for that post, it’ll be a long one ^_^.

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  1. l just love your picture 🙂

    • Thanks! The one in the side bar? That was my first self-taken picture with my new camera. It’s actually my favourite, lol.


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