Quel animal n’existe pas?

The answer’s simple really. If you were going through a stack of educational cards/questions and were presented with a rhinoceros, a hippopotamus, and a dragon and had to say which one doesn’t exist, you would – of course – pick the dragon. Why? That’s easy. It has no tail….

This is Bastien’s way of thinking. The picture with the 3 animals shows a dragon (although when he says it sounds like ‘gragon’ and when I tried to correct him he just stuck to his guns) with no tail and when he picked the dragon as the non-existing animal he said it was because of that. No matter that it breathes fire and can fly (actually, this one didn’t have wings either – who was the artist in charge, I have a bone to pick with them). He’s also started this habit of saying ‘it’s not easy for you because you speak English’ when I either say a phrase or a word or anything really that isn’t quite right. Or when I ask him what something is. I find it hilarious, but at least he’s aware that French is not my first language and I’m still learning. This has been going on since my family was here.

I’m drawing a blank right now… I think I know what day it is. I mean, I think it was this morning when I went to leave for my walk, but had to come back inside and switch from my sweater to my jacket. I honestly am having issues with this. I keep thinking that was yesterday, but I’m feeling like it was today. Yes, today = jacket. It stopped raining after a bit and I was able to put my hood down. And if having a calendar telling me that time keeps moving forward isn’t enough, the sun is taking longer to rise. It was a lot darker at 6am today than it was a month and a half ago. But such is life. By the time I leave I’ll be doing my entire walk in the dark! Or I’ll just wait and do it later in the day.

After everyone was gone I got right to work. I emptied the dishwasher, starting filling it, started a load of whites, folded the rest of the already washed laundry, folded the socks in the sock basket, put the load in the dryer, washed my bed, tidied my room, vacuumed my room, put my wash in the dryer, was off and on Facebook, and took a shower. All before noon. Well, by the time I was done my shower, dressed, and back downstairs it was about 12:15. My Mom made a comment in an email that I’ve matured over the past 7 months…I don’t know how accurate that is, but I am starting to see the value in getting the stuff you don’t like out-of-the-way so you can enjoy the stuff you do. It’s only taken me 25 years to figure that out :P. I always knew that it would be better to get everything done first that needed to be done, but I just couldn’t be bothered. My procrastination gene was kicked into overdrive for most of my life and it’s only now starting to get pushed to the side by the gene of responsibility. Some days I still try to fight the yoke, but fortunately I’m making some progress – little by little. At this rate I might actually be able to survive on my own. Shock and awe, who would have thought! Some of me living on my own will be like throwing a baby in the water to see if it can swim. Or something like that, whatever that saying is.

During lunch I watched a bit of a French game show. Near the end when two contestants (the current champion and the one fighting for that title) were battling it out I was able to follow – to a certain extent – what was going on. It helped that they had every question up on the screen so I could read them. I didn’t know any of the answers, but at least I was able to understand almost all the questions.

When I arrived to pick Bastien up they weren’t quite finished. Today’s craft was a hat. Not just any had mind you, but the hat of a certain cartoon character. Plop!

Imagine Bastien in a hat something like that.

The kids all did a dance and sang. Then they sang a goodbye song. On the way out we also picked up his Mickey Mouse mask from yesterday. Again Bastien fell asleep in the car, but this time he woke up when we got him. I made him go to the washroom right away in case he wanted to go back to sleep, but he wanted to play instead. That’s when we started with those cards. We finished them outside because it was rather nice out this afternoon. Cooler than yesterday (when it got up to about 30°), but the sun was out and it was nice. And of course Sylvain wanted to put everything in his mouth – everything being dirt, grass, and all manner of plants. That boy I tell you. I guess Bastien was like that too. Boys will be boys. Or rather, babies will be babies.

Tonight was my very first time eating tofu. Some of it was pretty good, but I think I’ll stick with meat :P. We talked about how I have to make sure to organize and get recipes and stuff for a Thanksgiving dinner. They don’t have that here so Adeline’s never had one, but Greg used to have a girlfriend whose father was American (I think that’s what he said) so they would have Thanksgiving dinner so Greg’s had it once. Maybe Jean will help me cook it. I don’t know if I trust myself cooking a turkey!

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  1. This is quite the adventure you’ve chosen for yourself. I love the story about Bastien not picking the dragon. Too cute and really reminds me how little kids’ brains work. Adults could use some of that kind of imaginative thinking!

    • He did pick the dragon….at least I think it was his first choice. All I know is that he picked it because it had no tail. And a friend of mine (who just read the beginning on my Facebook wall) said that there are Komodo Dragons and she would have argued with the card because it can’t fight back. It’s a trial sometimes remembering that at this stage they’re just learning how to live and what everything is and need a lot of help. And yes, it would be useful to think like children sometimes!


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