Bob l’Eponge

I slept in today. *sigh* I just couldn’t get up. For my walk that is. After seeing everyone off I started carting stuff from the play room upstairs into Sylvain’s room. We have to clear everything out because they’re putting in a new floor. I also sorted some laundry and did two loads (not mine). I don’t know how many trips I made upstairs, but I used one of the laundry baskets because it meant I could take more up in fewer trips. But the time I had taken a lot of the easy stuff up and switched clothes from the washer to dryer and put in a new load, I was feeling pretty gross. I had planned on taking a nap today to catch up on some sleep, so I took a quick shower and went to bed.

It was 1:15 when I got up. So, it was a nice little 3 hour nap. I was planning on setting up my time to talk my walk and then right when I finished jump in the car to go pick up Bastien. But one thing led to another and I didn’t do it.

This week I believe the theme for the day camp is cartoons or movies or something. Either way, today was about Sponge Bob Square Pants or Bob l’Eponge. As I walked in I noticed all these sponges on a table that had painted shorts, with pipe cleaner legs and arms, and eyes. I guess they put on a cartoon at the end while they wait for some of the parents to pick up the kids and they were getting that set up when I showed up. Of course Bastien wanted to stay and watch it. He said ‘I’m going to watch a little and then I’ll come, ok.’ He wasn’t asking, he was telling me. I said he could watch a little. It might have been better for him not to watch any at all for multiple reasons, but he actually came with not too big a fuss when I did call for him. One of the leaders was at the table with the sponges handing them out to two other kids. They all had the names on the bottom so she had to pick them up to see and of course Bastien’s was the very last one she looked at. Somehow one the way home he lost an arm….

Sylvain went to the doctor today and when Bastien and I got home he ate the apple I had packed in his bag for lunch today. Then we went outside and played for a while until it was time to go in for his bath. I still can’t get over how much Sylvain loves the water. I kind of feel bad every time I take him out because Bastien’s still in there and I think Sylvain wants to be as well.

After dinner I finally went for my walk. I started at 8:30. I decided I would take a longer route I’ve wanted to try for a while since I didn’t have to be back by a certain time. Something went wonky with my Nike+ chip and 1h 04m/5.72km in it suddenly decided I was finished. So I had to start another workout which lasted all of 16m/1.41km. By the time I got back it was quite dark, which I had expected so I wore my reflector vest. On my way out-of-town (direction of Namur) this random car honked at me as it drove by and the driver waved. I think there were a bunch of guys in the car, I couldn’t really see. This is the 2nd time that’s happened….The first time was at the end of one of my morning walks as I was coming back into town (from another road). That time a guy actually stuck his head out the window and waved while the driver honked. It was odd. That’s how I feel about it :P. Basically, I don’t want to be acknowledged when I’m walking. That’s why I like walking out in the country because there’s no one to see me. Or at least I don’t see anyone which in my mind is just as good. That’s partly why I never really walked at home. I don’t know why, but I never wanted people who know me to see me out walking. It’s not as bad now, but it was still weird in my mind. Other than that, a little bit of rain, and a lot of farm machinery with extremely bright lights, it was a good walk. I think I like the morning better because even though it might be dark-ish when I start, it doesn’t end that way. I don’t love walking at night. At home I was always afraid some animal was going to jump out at me. I don’t even know why. This was just walking from my neighbours to my house. And it wasn’t even that far away!! Baby raccoons are one thing, but adults *shiver* and skunks *shiver, shiver*. I know the coyotes stay away from people, but I think they’re getting bolder. I tend to have an overactive imagination and am perfectly capable of scaring myself without any help.

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