This morning getting up was hard, but I managed. Greg had to leave early so he was downstairs by the time I left. I didn’t take my jacket with me even though it was drizzling when I left. It stayed that way for most of the hour, but near the end it started coming down a bit heavier before coming to an almost stop by the time I got back. I can’t help but think of Glee when I say/think ‘drizzle’. Because in one of the episodes Quinn and Finn are debating on what to name their (well her) baby and Finn says that Drizzle would be an awesome name because when it’s super awesome when it’s drizzling out. Oh boy Finn…

I spent most of the day online, but I did manage to do a load of laundry and take a shower :P. Adeline’s car needed to go into the garage and when we were almost there a car with a trailer got in between us. I saw her turn signal, but not where she turned in. I had tunnel vision and drove right past the dealership. Realizing my error once I got the round-a-bout I went back around. We drove back to the house together and I got a little more insight into Belgian road rules. She asked if I always put my lights on during the day and I said yes, because that’s what we do in Canada and it makes it easier to see cars – and to tell the difference from moving and stationary vehicles from a farther distance. In Belgium though, you’re not allowed to have them on during the day unless it’s really dark from clouds, or if the visibility is bad (from fog I think). I have to make a conscious effort to remember because for me, turning my lights on is as natural as starting the car. Maybe it’s because I’m used to seeing headlights in the day, but I can see a car (and judge the distance) much sooner and better when the lights are on, no matter what kind of day it is. But that’s just me.

When I picked up Sylvain this afternoon (Bastien has another day camp at Little Gym this week) he was outside with Catherine. As we were walking towards each other and he finally recognized who it was he let out a little squeal of delight. Oh to be recognized well by babies.

Bastien got a Play-Doh set for his birthday and Adeline brought it out today for them to play with. I was playing with Sylvain before putting him in his pj’s. Then we ate and after the clean-up, we switched. Adeline with Sylvain and me with Bastien. Greg was working late. What a long day for him! Bastien was great with the Play-Doh; he made me a sandwich, and a waffle. I made him a strawberry. He cut the head of my worm (yes it had a head, and hair, that’s what he was trying to cut was the hair) and then went about making his own. He can be really sweet when he wants to be. Which is, at least a little, everyday. And that’s good.

Here’s to all the fun Play-Doh can bring to young and old. So, if you can, scrounge some up and let lost your creativity!

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