You mean I could have slept in?!

This morning I got up – a little later than I wanted – to take my morning walk. 1h 05m 5.9km. I got back, got breakfast out and went upstairs to grab Sylvain’s cream from the bathroom before Greg went in there. I didn’t hear anybody up and I was a little confused. I’ve gotten them up before when I though they’d slept in, only to realize I was an hour ahead of myself. So I came downstairs and checked my calendar. Sure enough, today was a work holiday. Well, I thought, there’s no sense in going back to bed – it was 7:10 or so at this point – So I started emptying the dishwasher so I could get a head start on cleaning up the kitchen from last night. It took a little longer than normal because I was trying to be as quiet as possible. Well, I got it emptied, another load started, the counter and table (mostly) clear, the unopened drinks put downstairs, the table-cloth in the laundry room (where the ‘bar’ was) wiped down and folded all before they woke up. I mean, they were up by 8:30 so it wasn’t that long, but it’s amazing what you can get done when you just do stuff. My Mom’s probably shaking her head right now. It’s the kind of thing that your Mother tells you all the time, but you never actually listen or want to do it. I know Mom, you’re right! I had to make, I think, 4 trips down to the basement. Part of that was because I’m clumsy and if I try to take too much at once I’ll drop it. I also fed the chickens.

With my walk this morning I actually managed to jog for an extended period of time. And for me that only means about 45s to a minute. I didn’t actually officially count, but I started part-way through a song and decided I had to make myself continue jogging until it was finished. Of course I happened to be going up a slight hill at the time. My lungs were not happy with me. Or rather, my throat was protesting. It’s like in middle school when I had morning gym class and we’d have to go out and play lacrosse in the fall. The combination of cold and running always made me taste blood. Gross and painful. That’s what I get for being horribly out of shape though.

Today in Eghezée there was a farm fair type thing. Something along those lines. I stayed back with Sylvain so he could sleep, but Adeline, Greg, and Bastien went. Based on what they told me I would say it’s sort of like the Plowing Match that I’ve gone to a few times. Maybe not as big, but along those lines. I think. Anyway, that’s where they were today.

Sylvain took a long nap this morning and then finally woke up and had lunch. We had quite the afternoon. I was in the kitchen emptying out the dishwasher again so I had the playroom and dining room doors closed (for his safety). He absolutely loves playing with balloons and a bunch are in the play room from the party. Then suddenly I hear this paper crinkling noise. I go to check and he’s gotten into the bag that has the wrapping paper and the garlands that were put up. At first he was just sort of playing with the colourful garland, but then he wanted to put it in his mouth. I didn’t think that was a great idea so I tried to take it away. Well, it was long and the paper ripped easily so it took a little effort to get it all away.

After I was done in the kitchen I went to play with him. I went to try to play some piano, but he wanted to crawl on my lap so I let him play. He seemed to have fun with that for a while. And I sang to him a bit. It was nice to just sing, I haven’t done that in a few weeks. It felt good to use those muscles again and to bring out old songs I haven’t sung in ages, seeing if I remember all, if any, of the words. I hadn’t put him down for his afternoon nap yet by the time the others got home. I didn’t want him to go to early because he hadn’t been up that long. Bastien fell asleep on the way home so they took him right up to bed. I think they tried to put Sylvain down, but he was having none of that. After his snack time Greg and Adeline took him outside to play.

Then we had supper and after that Bastien and Adeline were trying out this new game. You roll a die and the number you roll is how many cheese wedges you have to put on a tray. The thing is, the tray is being held up by a mouse and it’s very wobbly. It’s all about placement and balance. And the kids not bumping the table!

I spent the time in between all that stuff catching up on some blog posts, but I’ve barely made a dent in the amount of stuff I’ve missed. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to reading all the posts of the blogs I’ve subscribed to, but reading a couple posts from each one is better than none!

You know how ‘they’ always tell you that even though exercise is a daunting task you’ll feel better afterwards? And if you’re not used to it or don’t like it (or think you don’t like it) you’ll deny this and say not for you. The thing is, sometimes it can take a while for the ‘feel good’ effects of exercise really start to kick in – where you can tell over whatever aches and pains you might have that you’re actually feeling better. I’m getting to that point right now. Even though I only had about 4 hours of sleep last night I still got up and went out. If I wouldn’t have done that I don’t think I would have had quite as much motivation to start cleaning up like I did. Man, being outside this morning was so refreshing I was even dance-walking to my music. Plus, the fact that I’m seeing results has me on cloud 9. Not huge results – then again, when you’re going for a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix you want things to go slow – but results that I can be ecstatic about. I have a goal to reach by the time I leave here. I don’t know if I’ll reach it, but if I don’t I’m not too worried because I know that I’ve taken positive steps towards a healthier future and that’s what counts. I have a longer way to go in the food department, but I’m very slowly (very slowly) making progress there as well.

So, for all of you out there who may be reading this and are trying to make positive changes, go for it! Dredge up that will power somehow and find a way to make it happen. Find someone or something to keep you accountable (Nike+ chip in my shoe does that for me). Most importantly, do it for yourself. I know that you probably hear stuff like this all the time. I know for me I always hear people saying ‘if I can do it, anyone can!’ and I think, ‘yeah, but not me’. The thing is… I am doing it. In this precise moment in time I’m focusing on positive thinking and not letting myself slip into an ‘I can’t do this so why bother’ state (which happens all to often). This mindset may change at any time and when it does I’ll just have to push myself past that till I get to the next positive stage. I can do it. I just have to keep telling myself that. My health is too important not to.

All the power to everyone who is in my position! You can do it! Woah, pep talk. Verbal diarrhea; it’s a disease, I swear :S.

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