Quelle fête!

What a party. I guess I’m still recovering from these past 3 weeks. I set my alarm to get up at a decent time this morning so I could shower and help get ready for the party, but alas, I hit snooze and then didn’t wake up until 10:30! You might be thinking ‘party…what party? Holly never mentioned any party’. I honestly can’t remember if I did or not. Today we celebrated Bastien’s and Adeline’s birthdays. Today is Adeline’s birthday. It was (is still) sort of two parties in one. For the 4 o’clock snack time there were kids (and their parents) for Bastien and his presents and cake and candy and juice. At around 6:30 more people started showing up. The supper (a BBQ) was for Adeline and her friends. It was great because I got to see some of the same people I saw at Greg’s party back in January. Some of them haven’t seen Sylvain since then and were surprised at how he’s changed.

Speaking of Sylvain. He was on the go this afternoon. More than usual maybe. Eventually we all went outside. Despite it not starting out as a very nice day (it looked like it would storm) the afternoon/evening were quite pleasant. Sylvain was crawling all over the grass and of course trying to stick things into his mouth that he shouldn’t. Eventually I put him on Bastien’s bouncing ball thing-a-ma-jig. You know, the ball with a handle that you sit on and bounce around with? I think Sylvain likes it more than Bastien. Bastien’s only used it the day he got it. Maybe one other time. Of course Sylvain is too small, but he had lots of help from me. He was laughing and bouncing himself and having quite a good time.

Sybille brought a cold noodle salad and she used her bowl carrier that my Grandma Jean made! It works very well. I took a picture for Grandma and everything. And of course there was another round of cake after supper. The first round was made by Adeline, the 2nd, by the bakery. I think I liked Adeline’s better, not as much icing. I did manage to help out this afternoon with cutting up vegetables for the veggie plate and mozzarella and tomatoes for a salad. There were some…odd…goings-on on my part, but I managed.

Before lunch I went into the toy room to find Sylvain playing and Greg and Bastien reading through some cards of Bastien’s. Eventually Greg said he was going to get some more things ready and Bastien decided he was going to help. So he told me that Sylvain and I had to stay in the toy room alone while he went and helped his Dad. It was hilarious (for me) and too cute by half. He said it in such a matter-of-fact way, as if he was giving me orders. At least Greg wanted that too because then Sylvain wouldn’t be underfoot. When the boys were taking their naps I helped.

Bastien got a bunch of cool toys, but I think the coolest gift was from Granny (Sybille). I think she bought it when we were at the Haut-Kœnigsbourg Castle – it’s a knight’s costume. It’s a robe type thing in red and blue that slips over his head and is tied at the sides. It also came with a hood that is meant to look like chain mail. He put it on, put his sword through one of the ties at the side, and got on his toy house. He was a real knight! But I change my mind. The coolest gift was a book he got from his parents. Not just any book, this was a book with Bastien in it! Adeline ordered it online. I think what she did was choose a story and sent in a picture of Bastien. Then his face is inserted into the face of the little boy in the story every time he’s on a page. The story is a boy who goes on a grand adventure (either in his dream or when he’s supposed to be sleeping). He’s a knight at one point, a pirate maybe, and a lot of other things. It’s really neat.

Do you remember my posts about when we went to the North Sea? Well, Nico and Claire were here today with their son Victor. He’s gotten so big since then! He looks like he’s almost the same size as Sylvain and he’s two months or so younger. Of course, both his parents are very tall. My Mom’s side of the family will know what I’m talking about. Think Luca and Dusty and you’ll know what I mean.

So, I’m tired, but I’m not. You know that feeling when it’s really late (midnight now) and you know you should go to bed because tomorrow you can’t sleep in, but you slept in late this morning so you feel you shouldn’t be tired? That’s what I’m feeling right now. Oh! I have to get up tomorrow and start my walks again. I almost forgot. I guess that means I really should head of too bed!

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