Parting is such sweet sorrow

This is true. While I’m glad to have my room, my space back, it was sad to see my family go this morning. There were definitely tears involved, mostly from my Mom, a little with me. I had more tears driving back home. I would have liked a little bit more time to say goodbye, but by the time they checked in I only had 15 min. left of my hour for parking. Staying longer would have been more expensive! Lisa drove with me and we separated when they went to return the rental car. Greg had explained to us how it works and that we could go the same way and I would just split off to park, but I kind of messed that up and stopped following them when they went into that section. I think it was actually easier for me where I did end up parking. It was cheaper for an hour anyway and I was actually on the same level that they had to be on. All Lisa and I had to do was walk out of the parking garage, cross the lane, and as soon as we entered we saw the screens for departure check-ins, gates, and times. There was a little confusion between Dad and I when we were texting to get back together, but it wasn’t really that big a deal.

Greg and Adeline had gotten up and had made fresh croissants and another chocolate pastry for breakfast. I think if that wouldn’t have happened we probably wouldn’t have eaten anything! We hit a little bit of congestion near Brussels, but it wasn’t that bad. Lisa and I arrived at the parking lot at 6:45. Their flight was at 10:15, but they weren’t sure how long it would take with the rental car and they just wanted to get there. Turns out the rental car return didn’t open ’till 9, but the guys that were there early said they could just leave the car there. Mom and Dad remembered the GPS and the chord, but forgot the piece it sits in that attaches to the windshield. At least we have another one that goes with the new GPS, we were still using the old one from the GPS we misplaced.

So I basically came home (basically no traffic, it was awesome) and went to sleep for a couple of hours. It wasn’t a very restful sleep, but it was sleep. Than I finished my new audio book that I bought last week. Adeline mowed the lawn with Bastien and I helped her make supper after. Greg just got home, he was visiting his Dad. After supper Adeline, the boys, and me watched the movie ‘The Wild’. In French of course. I’ve never seen it before so I only knew the basis of the story line. The dialogue went by really fast, but I managed to catch somethings and even laughed at some of the jokes.

I guess they (whoever ‘they’ are) recommend families not to visit their children who are Au Pairs or exchange students because it makes it that much harder when the families leave. I will admit that their visit made me a little more homesick, but I’m going to enjoy the rest of my time here because I know it will just fly by and when I’m home I’m going to sometimes wish I was back here!

I actually have plans to go to a museum in Brussels tomorrow to meet with a couple of friends from university who are here on their honeymoon. It’s neat how those things work out.

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  1. I’ve been doing a little catch up myself. It’s good to know that you’ve been able to connect with “like minded individuals” and we have created a community here online. BTW, I love your line: “being a little silly/crazy is common AND accepted. ^_^ Going to have to put this up in the CCC chat page.

  2. You can look at your blog years from now and remember this time as one of the happiest years of your life. I love reading about your life …

    • I’m blushing. Thank you so much. I think tomorrow I’ll finally have time to spend a few hours online catching up on all the blog posts I’ve missed these last 3 weeks! Ever since starting this blog (and more so since joining the CCC) I feel like I’ve made a whole bunch of new friends even though I’ve never met you guys! It’s a great feeling to share with people who understand (at least about blogging) and who support you even when they don’t know you. I think this is one of the best things the internet has brought me! It’s also great to know that being a little silly/crazy is common AND accepted. ^_^


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