Sint Truiden – Saint Trond – Saint what?

Today went through so many plan changes it’s kind of crazy. Lisa wanted to do some last-minute shopping and we were trying to figure out where it would be good to do that and maybe have time to go see some ruins or something as well. We thought of maybe going back to Namur, but trying to park there is not so easy. I thought maybe we could go to Hannut which is only 10 minutes away, but this morning Adeline suggested Saint Trond. She said it was only about 20 min. away so I thought, hey, that’s better and it’s a nice town. It’s actually in the Limburg province in the Flemish region. We’re actually a lot closer to the Flemish region than I ever realized. I should have realized it and I think, in some ways, I did, but I didn’t really confirm that connection. Well, according to the GPS it should have taken us 36 min. There was some construction going on and with the detour I think it took us closer to an hour! We didn’t take any big highways so the scenery was nice.

Lisa ended up finding a couple of things so that was good. And we were also able to stock up on more of the big bags of Chokotoffs. Back to the town and it being Flemish and all. The name of the town is actually Sint Truiden (because it’s Flemish) and the French is Saint Trond. This can get confusing and I think I’ve mentioned this before with the Liège/Luik, Namur/Namen differences. It has a really nice Grand Place/Grote Markt and some other attractions, but we just did the shopping. And besides, now Mom’s driven on crazy narrow roads having to pass by tractors when there’s not very much shoulder space. It’s all about the adventure.

Instead of doing anything this afternoon they just spent time organizing and packing and I was looking up luggage regulations and declaration regulations for stuff they’re bringing back. It was a good thing too because now they’re basically finished and can relax.

I can’t forget this, it’s Bastien’s birthday today! HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY BASTIEN!

Mom trimmed my hair tonight. It needed it, badly. I know have soft ends again! They were so split and dry. I could have gone to get my hair cut plenty of times, but I don’t even manage to get there more than once or twice a year. I think I have trust issues when people come at me with scissors…..

So now I’m going to say goodnight and chill. We have an early morning (leaving at 6am) and I still have to figure out where I’m going to park and stuff tomorrow. I’m following my parents (Lisa’s going to ride with me) and then I’ll bring the GPS back with me. It will be my first time driving to and from an airport, both by myself and with a passenger. All the other times I’ve just been a passenger.

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