Namur Citadel and homemade Liege waffles

We met Jean and his brother Charles-Antoine at Jean’s apartment in Namur. He made us tacos (soft shell) and for dessert homemade gauffres de Liège! They were very tasty, and so filling. I want to bring home a box or two of the sugar clumps that go in them. Then all we have to do is get a waffle iron and we’re set! We were going to try to have a Brussels waffle at one point, but Jean told us they are very similar to the ‘Belgian waffles’ served in Canada; light, fluffy, with ice cream, toppings, and sauce. It was his first time making them and I’d say they turned out great!

After eating we drove over to the Citadel of Namur. It’s huge, the biggest in Belgium and probably one of the biggest in Europe. It’s sort of a self-guided/walk through type thing, but I think if you wanted you can get a guided tour. The building that housed the barracks is used for parties and the like. I got some awesome pictures, but there was one really big problem; I forgot Freddy! I know, shame on me, how is that even possible? It was too bad, I could have gotten some good pictures with him.

Jean did a really good job of being our tour guide. He knows a lot about it. My Dad found this empty room (that apparently is normally shut) and decided to explore. There was an old staircase apparently leading to some tunnels. You had to be careful because there was only a railing on the length of the stairs and a smaller one in another spot, but there was a small section with no railing and it was dark in there. Well, Dad and Lisa went exploring. For a while. We didn’t have that much time so we had to try to call them back so we could continue. Eventually we got to the point with the barracks and Dad and Jean continued on up while Lisa, Mom, and I waited. Dad would have gotten pictures but I haven’t seen them yet. On our way back Lisa went ahead and went the way we came. The rest of us went a different way. Then we met up and headed for the car. It’s a nice place to just walk around, all big and roomy. Maybe have a picnic up there. ^_^

Sorry, I’m a little distracted. Lisa and I are talking and I’ve got music playing in the background (everything from Creedence Clearwater Revival, to Jessie J, to the song ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’, and so on) which if you read one of my previous posts, you’ll know is no good for me. So this is turning into a really odd post.

We actually did a little grocery shopping this morning. Mostly for chocolate (ie, Chokotoffs), yummy ^_^. Mom and Dad are in Antwerp tonight visiting Greet, and exchange student that stayed with a family in New Dundee that we know. She’s expecting a baby soon and my Mom brought some gifts.

I really need to go to bed, especially since I’ve taken way too long to write this short post. I’m sorry there’s not more detail, but, if you remember my pictures from Dinant it’s the same sort of thing, but different. It’s made of stone and was used to defend the city. It shares a river with Dinant (and many other places from France to the Netherlands!), and it high up! Ok. I’m super tired which translates into giddy which turns into really sloppy blog post that doesn’t make much sense :P.

Good night.

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