The market, presents, and King’s Cake (encore version)

Yes, that’s right. We had King’s Cake again! Adeline made it. We had a little birthday celebration for Adeline, Bastien, Dad, and Lisa because my family will be gone for the big one on the 14th. We got Adeline a game, I think it’s called Nonsense or something like that. The directions were all in French and I didn’t understand all of them, but it’s a game that forces you to think. For Bastien we got him an educational puzzle type thing that helps you learn phrase structure. Of course, he can already talk really well and put sentences together like that, but this will help with his spelling. It will actually help me as well! As another special thing (one I’m going to do for Sylvain as well) we bought a piggy bank. This wasn’t just an ordinary piggy bank, no, this was one you could paint! We  had wanted to get him a piggy bank and weren’t having any luck. Then Lisa saw this one, but it was for ages 8+. Then someone (either Lisa or Mom) had the great idea of taking it out of the box, painting it ourselves for him, then put it back in the box for him to open.

It was a lot of fun to make this. It has ‘Bastien 2011’ along with a Belgian flag, a Canadian flag (on the butt), and our names on it. Along with a face and some other things. So later I will buy one for Sylvain and paint it. It won’t be the same because not everyone will get to paint their own name, but it will have to do. Now he’ll have extra paints!

Lisa got a sword and Dad a hunting knife that they actually picked out when we were at that castle in Alsace. Then they all got one of those micro-fibre towels. The King’s Cake was for dessert and this time, I got the piece inside! I couldn’t find my crown (if I would have turned my light on I would have seen it, instead of just relying on the light from outside), so I didn’t wear anything, but still, I got the piece! Afterwards, Lisa downloaded a funny Cat application on her iPad (recommended by Adeline) and we literally were killing ourselves laughing because you can make it purr or you can slap it (if you just touch it lightly it makes a slapping noise), you can pull its tail, and it listens to you and then repeats back what you said/the noise you made like a chipmunk. We had one heck of an ab workout. Whew!

Poor Sylvain today fell 3 times. He was not having a good day. But he was making some more noises than normal, so that was good. Oh yeah, duh, this morning we went to the market in Eghezée. Lisa and I each got a pair of cheap pants, Lisa got a pair for a friend as well as a pair of jeans, shoes, and earrings for herself. Mom got some earrings. We got a chicken for tonight. And I don’t know what else.

After lunch we (just my family and Sylvain) went to the bakery to get more bread (and some chocolates). The women behind the counter (who I’ve seen a few times, but can’t remember her name) commented on my French, how it’s improved and we talked about how my family was here, when they got here, how long they’re staying, where they’re staying, where I come from again and little things like that. Like I said, I’ve only been in there a few times, and I haven’t seen her every time, but she remembered that I came from somewhere other than Belgium and that I was here looking after children. I still have a long way to go with French, but it’s nice to know that people who are practically strangers will comment on how it’s getting better. At least back home I have a few people who I can practice with. My neighbour actually is one of them. He’s originally from Montreal. My cousin Katie who was in France for 8 months with school and is going to teach French, and my friend Steph who studied in Quebec for a while and wasn’t able to speak English except when she called her family and who also spent a few months in France working as a tour guide of sorts in Normandy.

Don’t worry. I will get to posting about Amsterdam. I think it will have to wait until next Friday. Once the family has left and I have a little more time then I’ll write about it. I’m not doing this to build up suspense like it’s going to be amazing or anything (although I do have a few good stories), I just know that the next few days I’ll have enough to write about.

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  1. Diane Roth

     /  August 9, 2011

    I realize that by the time you read this, it may be a couple of days late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lisa from a place that is on the other side of the world. How wonderful to have spent a birthday in Europe. Hopefully one you will never forget. Hope it was awesome.

    Aunt Diane & Uncle Lynn


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