Sleep is a wonderful thing

Today Lisa and I slept in pretty late. I think we both woke up a few times during the morning, but why get up if you don’t have to? We spent a little time discussing (as a family) what we want to do for the rest of their time here and sort of made a few decisions.

I know I need to catch up on our time in the Netherlands, but it’s almost midnight and despite sleeping in, I’m not really up to it. There’s so much to tell. I don’t want to forget anything, but I think at this point I won’t forget what matters. We had a good time. Let me say this; the tram system in Amsterdam is awesome. It’s so frequent and easy to follow (as long as you remember the numbers right…that’s another story). There are certain things I could find again, but I wouldn’t be able to give directions. I don’t know any of the street names, just landmarks and it would be way easier to draw a map or take someone myself. Consider I just started using public transit when I started university (September 2005), I managed pretty well. I really only had to figure out the trams, we only used a bus twice, but we took the train to Haarlem and as well, another train from the park + ride to the bus. And when I used the GRT (Grand River Transit in Kitchener-Waterloo) I really only used one route so I wasn’t as familiar with it as some people. Oddly enough, I feel more confident getting around on the trams in Amsterdam than I do the buses at home! Mind you, we only went to a couple of places with the trams. Either way, a year ago I think having to find my way around a city like that would have terrified me. I’m not sure why I feel different now because I haven’t done any of that on my own, but that’s just the way it is.

Actually, even though my Dad did most of the navigating around, I did get us on the right ‘track’, so to speak, a few times. Anyway, talk of public transit is pretty boring so I’ll stop.

This afternoon we went to Louvain-le-Neuve to do some shopping. Tomorrow we’re celebrating a bunch of birthdays. Even though Greg’s birthday was in January, as a belated birthday/thanks for letting us stay at your house, we got him a movie. They have so many movies it’s hard to pick one out, but there was one I knew he didn’t have because I looked for it a while ago. I don’t know why I like it so much. Maybe it’s the myriad of information both false and true and the conspiracies that you have to sort through that is so interesting. The sniper shooting is impressive, but the killing part not so much. Plus, Mark Wahlberg is yummy in the movie. Bah, I know, that is my shallowness peeking through, but we all have those moments. By the way…if you haven’t figured it out yet (it’s not like I gave a lot of clues), the movie is Shooter. Since we were having trouble with the computer and weren’t able to watch another movie we had picked, I suggested giving him his gift early so we could watch it tonight. And that’s what we did. You know, I don’t know anything about the group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch except for what I’ve read on Wikipedia, but I have a really hard time picturing Mark Wahlberg as the leader of a hip-hop group. Or as being an original member of New Kids on the Block. Being ‘before my time’ I never knew anything about either of those groups. I had indeed heard the song ‘Good Vibrations’ before it was covered on Glee. At least I can claim that.

Oh yeah! Today at noon I was feeding Sylvain. He – of course – put a hand in his mouth getting it very dirty. He proceeded to rub said hand all over one side of his face. He ended up looking like the Phantom of the Opera, just with an orange mask instead of a white one. It was a little hard to see, but it was there and something I found to be funny.

Well, now that I’ve written almost 750 words on nothing I’m going to call it quits.

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