Well, that’s an interesting question.

Do I listen to music while studying? Actually, no. I don’t know if that surprises some of you or not, considering I’m a music major, but then again, maybe it makes perfect sense. I actually don’t listen to music much as background. Ever. When I’m on the computer, in the car…if I can hook up my iPod or have a CD I like that’s one thing, but just the radio, no. I’m so picky that I would keep changing the station when I don’t like a song. To me, listening to music is an activity in and of itself. It deserves my full attention. I guess I just always forget that I can listen while doing other stuff. Well, not if it has words. Because then I’m singing along or trying to memorize them and it would not work if I tried to write my blog under those conditions. It would never get done!

I used to listen (or try to listen) to music while doing homework. I remember putting on the Titanic soundtrack all the time. The problem was that I found I was always paying more attention to the music than my homework. It wasn’t that it was distracting in an I-can’t-focus-with-this-on kind of way, it was an I -find-this-more-interesting-to focus-on type thing. Especially when I got to the point in school where we had to start analyzing the music in class, I would start looking at everything from that point of view. I got a little better at it in university, but I’m still not super great at it. At least, I’m not very technical and I’ve forgotten a lot (probably because theory frightens me like math, but I was always in denial and just said I have a ‘strong dislike’ of those subjects).

Sometimes when someone asks me why I like a song (popular, classical, whatever) I can’t exactly tell them why. I just do. I think this is because I’m rebelling against having to pull apart a piece of music to find out how it works and I just want to enjoy listening. Or I’m so befuddled that I don’t remember a lot of things I should know and I’m embarrassed because I should know so much more. So if we’re listening to the radio together and a song comes on (whether I’ve heard it before or not) and I mention I like it, don’t ask me why because I probably won’t have an answer for you. Except maybe: I just do!


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