Sometimes a rest day isn’t all that restful.

My Mom ended up doing all the laundry today. I was busy searching information for parking (there is non at our hotel so we’re doing a ‘park + ride’), and the ‘I Amsterdam City Card’ for freebies, discounts, and public transportation. As well as other stuff I don’t even remember. Also, since I don’t want to pay 8 euros for ever 24 hours of internet I will pre-writing my next three blog posts. Therefore they won’t be very interesting, just warning you :P.

We’re also trying to organize a get together with another exchange student who came two years (or maybe 3) before Jean. She lives in Antwerp and since we have to pass by there…I thought maybe Friday on the way home we could stop in if it works. But I don’t know yet if it does.

My Dad looked up the Anne Frank Museum for tickets and was only able to get 2, for 4pm tomorrow. I guess we should have been more on the ball and realized that it would be busy because it’s a pretty popular place, but we weren’t. So Mom and I are going to go and Dad and Lisa will find something else to do. At least it won’t be like when we went out East a few years back. We were in P.E.I., Charlottetown. Mom and I got tickets to go see Anne of Green Gables the Musical and Dad and Lisa tried to find something to do on-the-town, but it was like the town shut down at 7pm!

We also booked a 10am tour for the Corrie Ten Boom House on Thursday. The Ten Boom family hid Jewish people in their house during the 2nd World War and were thrown in Concentration Camps and/or prison for their efforts. Corrie was the only one that survived. She was set free because of a clerical error. There’s a movie about her story, but I can’t remember what it’s called, I only saw part of it. So we’re going on a tour of her house.

After that, we don’t have any set plans and are hoping to just enjoy our time in the city.

Lisa and I also went to Decathlon today because she was interested in seeing the store and I said if we did go today we probably couldn’t go. I got a slip cover thing for my drinking tube, so it’s insulated and will stay cold like the water pack. Lisa got a water pack that came in an insulated case. It was nice ‘sister’ time.

Oh! I keep forgetting. This morning when I was getting Sylvain dressed he kind of helped me out a bit. I was getting ready to put on his shorts and he put up one leg for me. Then he put up the other. I have no idea if he actually did this on purpose or if it was an accident, but it was helpful and cute to boot.

The boys also went in their ‘little swimming pool’ today (it’s just the lid from the sand box filled with water). They had a blast. Sylvain just loves the water. I think I mentioned it yesterday, but it needed to be said again. The past two days have been hot, especially in comparison to the last couple of weeks.

Tonight we did indeed have our movie night. We watched Mamma Mia. Dad missed the title song and was bummed because he said that’s one he really likes. There was another song he really liked, but he couldn’t think of the title. Lisa suggested listening to the soundtrack on the way tomorrow. Sounds like a plan to me!

So, for me the next few days will be full of interesting things, but for my blog…hmm, maybe not so much. I hope that at least something super interesting happens in your day at least once.


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