Say what?!

So it totally freaks my Dad out when I’m speaking French. Today we went to Grandglise for lunch. Jean-Go, Valou, Aurore, Jeff, their girls, Adeline’s uncle, Adeline, the boys, Granny Duchâteau, and my family. It was yummy ^_^, especially the strawberry pie (which my Mom worked really hard to get the recipe for). Jean gave us a tour of the house as well. For those of you who live in or near Baden, Ontario, Canada and have been to/heard of Castle Kilbride (not really a castle, just a large house), it’s kind of like that. I think Grandglise is bigger than Kilbride, but Lisa thinks they’re about the same size. The main floor of Grandglise doesn’t really have hallways, but Kilbride does so the rooms are smaller. All I know is that the entire house would be awesome for hide-and-seek.

At lunch and during the rest of the afternoon, I was actually doing a bit of work as translator. At one point I was talking to Aurore and my Dad was listening, shaking his head, and laughing a bit. It’s very strange for him to hear my speak French. Both Aurore and Adeline’s uncle said my French has improved/is okay, so that made me feel good.

We spent most of the afternoon taking pictures. I already have lots of pictures of the grounds – and my camera was low on battery – so I just had Lisa help my take pictures of me. Me sitting on the bridge overlooking the creek/brook/stream (whatever it actually is), me under the huge willow tree, etc. I don’t have any pictures from inside the house because my camera died before we even started the tour. Mom’s battery died part way through, but Lisa still had her camera and Dad had his phone. We considered going to the Castle that’s nearby, but the others just wanted to look around Grandglise. It was cheaper :D.

Upon leaving I realized that my camera and case (which held my ID card/residence permit, insurance card, and bank card) were still at the house. We tried calling Jean, but he actually drove up behind us by the time we got a hold of him (we were just on the side of the highway by the time we got Adeline’s attention), but then we called Aurore because they hadn’t left yet. We stopped at the nearest gas station so they could give it to me. It turns out I wasn’t the only one that forgot something. We forgot Sylvain’s soother! That would have been disastrous for the night. Also, he had just started crying when they met up with us, so it was good timing.

Tomorrow we’re off for a tour of Brussels with Dominique, so it’s an early morning for everyone. I’m also starting my weekday walks again. Last week it was hard to try to do them and so I’m off track. We did quite a bit of walking almost everyday, I just didn’t keep track of it like I do on my walks. So this means it’s bed time because 5am is only 5h45m away!

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