Old, abandoned buildings: Cool or creepy?

I know, strange eh? I got this notice yesterday saying that it was my 215th post, wild! Their words, not mine. Two posts before that I had received a notice as well on my post count. It also gives you post suggestions if you’re stuck. One of mine was ‘have you ever lived in a country outside of the one you were born in?’. Hmmm, well, let’s think about that. Yup, I think so. ^_^ So I decided to choose this one (see title) and thought maybe you could weigh in if you want to. Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m pretty sure the hotel in Munich has wireless, but I think if you’re reading this I was just too tired (or lazy) to write a proper post. Most of the day was driving anyway. Anything that happened after that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Until then, comment below. Let me know what you think about abandoned buildings! I’m kind of on the fence with this one. It can go both ways. I also think they can be cool and creepy at the same time. It really depends. On what, I haven’t quite decided.

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  1. LOL! Funny. Hello and congrats on so many post! I found you through the Crazy Chicks Club… nice to meet you. I say creepy…definitely! ~Pam

    • Isn’t the CCC awesome! We have so much to thank Lafemmeroar for ^_^. I feel like I’ve checked out your blog before…your gravatar looks familiar. I definitely will swing by again soon, but these next 2 weeks are super busy with my family so it’ll have to be after that. Thanks for checking it out!!!


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